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  • Website promotion practitioner four taboo behavior

    is engaged in website promotion also has a period of experience, to do China engineering auto parts network is now mainly responsible for the filtration of network promotion, along the way, bumps, from now lost slightly, also accumulated some experience, here and share, especially for the promotion of new at least some detours less. 1, any means of promotion, to achieve perfection, the effect is very objective. Similarly, to find the means of promotion, if only a dabbler, it is also the largest flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. I do early Chinese engineering auto parts network, then only know in the Baidu Post Bar related stick post, in a month, traffic will do day IP thousands. In fact, it means very monotonous, is posting, corn was sealed, with Baidu space transfer, every post too much Post Bar system will automatically delete, then do … Continued

    Several marginal topics on blog construction

    as a result of WEB2.0, a blog on the Internet is developing very fast, the contact network of people almost no "Bo", from celebrities to the grassroots people, are keen to build their own homes in the online network. The construction of independent blog from the registration portal blog until now (www.wslearner.com), I keep writing, publicity, uninterrupted, along the way, tired and happy, but also have some of their own views and opinions. There are so many articles about promoting Blog websites on the Internet. Here we will talk about some of the marginal topics about blog Construction: 1. Questions about service providers There are probably two ways for to choose a service provider: one is to register a blog on a portal site, two to register an independent domain name, to buy space for yourself or to build a blog for a server. … Continued

    The local community portal on the initial operation to read the steady accurate ground Four Characte

    since last year, the local community site swarmed into the sky, let the grass roots without a hot knife, many grassroots are beginning to have started construction or local community portal, in a period of time, I have seen many cases through the website, including many websites, but also a lot of failed or aborted or abandoned. Through my long-term exploration, and in the near future on the line of a local community portal, the current situation is fairly good. In the "Chengde" Baidu keyword search results page 71400000, the website ranked 34; "Chengde Mountain Resort" Baidu search results page 3200000, the website ranked 29; keywords "Purple Cypriot pearl" Baidu search results page 275000, the website ranked 13 in the three. Key words every day to move forward with dozens of span. The reason is faster, because I have done more than before the … Continued

    Operating rookie must see how to enhance the user stickiness of the site

    from the design of a website to start operations should have existed in the birth, each of the products are for the operation of the site, if the operating officer involved in the website design can make the target in the operation becomes clear and accurate. There are many things a web site operator has to do on site operations. judge the quality of a website, on the one hand is to look at the flow of the site, on the other hand, but also more important aspect: the stickiness of the site. The stickiness of a website directly reflects the quality of the site. The stickiness of the website will save you a great deal of promotion cost. To increase the stickiness of the website, you must first ensure that your website is suitable for target users, and then there are several important … Continued

    Webmaster network editor warm prompt A5 home page submission skills

    webmaster network, A5 home news, information and article information, there are about 100 updates every day, these are edited original, reprinted and Adsense submission review article. Website backstage receives more than 300 contribute articles every day, part of the audit did not pass, go directly to the forum. In order to give the webmaster presents more and more excellent manuscript, the website manual review, also welcome the webmaster to contribute. is a part of the webmaster reflect that A5 page article through the audit is more difficult, in fact, this argument is relative, you may not be master submission techniques, A5 bbs.admin5.com webmaster forum Zatan forum No. 27 launched "A5 Home Journal actually exceeded interaction is not difficult to pass" activities, please editors and webmasters to discuss interaction. The article submission tips. This paper summarizes some key waiting for you, you want to contribute … Continued

    Wang Tong how to enlarge the effect of brand network advertisement

    online advertising prices on major web portals are rising every year, and the cost of online advertising is increasing. At present, most of the advertisers or in traditional media advertising ideas about advertisement in Internet advertising delivery, this play out the effect is very low, in order to enhance their brand value for advertisers, how smart on the Internet advertising? I am today and we discuss the point, to talk about promoting brand, we need to understand the three elements of the brand: 1, popularity 2, reputation 3, loyalty traditional media, to improve brand awareness is very helpful, but for improving brand reputation, loyalty, it can not be a good manifestation. But the Internet is different, so put the brand advertisers, cannot treat network media like traditional media, as an interactive media network media can help to boost your reputation and loyalty. How do … Continued

    Was your station ever hung

      believe that the webmaster of this picture was not a strange, usually like to see this site poisoning horse icon in the Google search results. Once I doubted the reliability of Google technology and opened a website labeled as poison by gogle. As a result, my computer crashed and I had to admire the advanced nature of Google technology and the humanization of Google search. if you stand by what horse? 1. will cause traffic loss. The average user, who sees the malware tips, probably quit clicking on the site. Even if the user clicks, only will appear this page, rather than enter the site, through these two tips, it is estimated that ninety percent of users will give up browsing the site.   2. ranking down. When Google finds out that your site has a virus, there are hints in the webmaster … Continued

    Prediction keywords for the site to bring traffic alternative method

    now, the number of websites in China is so huge that the competition of the same industry websites is becoming more and more serious. If it stands out among many websites, it will be considered by the webmaster everyday. Adding content to your website is nothing more than a simple and effective way to do so. But when one day, when your brain is numb, have you considered increasing your website traffic by other means? What introduced to you today is a new method of forecasting keywords. what is the prediction of keywords, that is also not the words appear, think ahead keywords will appear, which updates to a site on the keyword content, when the network began to have news including such keywords, because your site update earlier, and was collected, therefore, the first time to get this part of the flow. most … Continued

    The shopping website for Alipay secured transactions and configuration tutorial

    with the rise of e-commerce, many people witnessed the success of Taobao, but also want to get a little oil in this fertile land of e-commerce. Major shopping sites also slowly rise overnight, such as Jingdong, pat, Dangdang, vip.com and so on, and many places shopping mall big and small also have thousands of it. A shopping website at least is the payment problem, your shopping website is to sell products or services sold, customers bought how to give the money to you? Direct bank transfer, too much trouble, but customers may not be able to rest assured. Cash on delivery, this is not good, the goods to others, the money did not see, how to say that psychology is not a taste. can be said that Taobao’s Alipay function is very reasonable. The seller does not believe that the customer, the customer does … Continued

    Sun blog line just a month when some data

    today is the thirty year of the lunar new year, my online promotion blog is just one month online. Early in the morning, I have a query through the software blog optimization of a keyword (soft Wen promotion), half a month ago, it rose to the Baidu home page third position. Google has always been home first. Today, however, the results of the query are a little small. Google still comes first in the home page. While Baidu has risen to the home page of the first position, "network promotion" also rose to the Baidu home page. It was a bit of a surprise, but it was a surprise, but it felt a little quicker. Here’s a screenshot of this morning:   keyword "soft Wen promotion" for the first time rose to Baidu home first position.   keyword "soft Wen promotion" has been Google … Continued