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  • How to carry out the work of the Shanghai dragon independent blog optimization

    abroad, independent blog has become a very profitable site form, and in this regard the development of domestic is still in its early stages, as the webmaster familiar IT tech blog can be said to be the moon, in the circle to do the best, whether it is well-known, it is profitable in all aspects of doing one of the best. It is in the Moonlight blog drive, more and more owners began to pay attention to and love this free and unfettered, founded a belongs to own independent blog can be used as personal freedom express stage feeling and experience to communicate with others, can also be used as a site to form independent operation independently, let it won the new profit channel for their own. in Shanghai Longfeng independent blog optimization process, we can make flexible use of website optimization method to … Continued

    Independent IP may not be helpful to explain in detail the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

    3. IP can be independent from other website weight, but this is not scientific, the research sites in the same segment of the IP is affecting each other, this is a lot to do station group company to use the same IP IP, with a IP server is likely to be the same a server, the server with the same cabinet website will have certain effect, so IP is not very safe. Effect of IP optimization can be prevented from being K is down right, but also the other defense brought the weight of the website optimization. That is to say, if the other site weight high, with IP or the same server is also there will be weight transfer to your site. Imagine a IP when there are 100 stations, removing the 10 open station, this station has the weight of words will … Continued

    How to learn the network marketing (two)

    In the chain of 3, the total Two, how to use the 2, Shanghai super large Encyclopedia of love 1, we should learn from Wikipedia, let users create content for us. Why do we give users to create content? See encyclopedia, why people are willing to create content to the encyclopedia, a large part is for the purpose of promotion, but also from the love of Shanghai know, that can also let people ask questions. So if you want to user generated content to you, you have to meet their requirements, such as communication, do not understand the requirements of the questions. every one of us is one of the builders of Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia of traffic, which leads to the Encyclopedia has advanced powerful traffic sources. Traffic is one of the key factors of the survival of the site. So, our website as … Continued

    Love Shanghai Yingshang love Shanghai bidding malicious Click

    3.>   1. IP if it is in accordance with the calculation, a lot of IP agents, including VPN, over the wall, broadband automatic redial and so on, the software can immediately replace their IP, so love Shanghai could not really know this one. If the user is a real user, a small four thousand or five thousand block bidding cost the moment is gone, this happens. refers to the malicious click search ads when users themselves have no interest in advertising, just to malicious malicious to click on ads, make each other’s bidding cost increase, this means called a malicious click.   when we love Shanghai input malicious clicks, you can see a lot of companies, a lot of software that it can prevent malicious click function, including love Shanghai itself in the prevention of malicious click function continue to improve, in the … Continued

    The sharing of experience three factors determine the keyword ranking

    keyword stuffing phenomenon: keyword stuffing phenomenon is very common, many people’s Web site a title cannot be displayed in the browser is almost complete. It will have a negative effect, I suggest here is that the three words in the title. Can add a brand word. Brand words such as "xxx-xxx-xxx-". In this form, keywords ranking is also very particular. In general, the more important the words of the front. To do this, not half, you will see a surprise. PS: I used to do that, it can be said that the fundamental key words change, ranking effective immediately. Select the for the selected hot words as the main keywords phenomenon: for a little weight site, to choose some popular keywords and fantasy one day to put him in the first row. I want to say, you can go beyond what people portal weights … Continued

    The real meaning of the original article is how

    ?The content of for? The user or search engine? The search engine is to do is not the user who? must be combined with the user search habits to write, the search engine is to provide the correct content as a guide, not just to find some rubbish to let the user experience, the search engine that you will eventually be abandoned, the original article to write the content is consistent with the content of the web site, for example, one is Shanghai dragon blog website do you often write some life log you, feel that since there are people to visit your website? If you write about Shanghai dragon to answer the questions, that’s not a popularity rose faster, feel what you write good, will be reproduced to help you spread, and is free of charge, Why not?? is actually very simple, such … Continued

    Website optimization Shanghai dragon in the process of learning a few of my little experience and in

    third, to think about the user and do not frontsword optimization in transition. The optimization work carried out for two months, the longest is heard in charge of orders has always stressed that do not fall into the site optimization process, the optimization on the surface is in the search engine is actually a conscientious service of their site, this is in charge have always stressed, while the main tube gave some advice, not a lot of content copy the pseudo original, his best to write, as appropriate for the article with pictures, not in order to optimize to add a lot of unnecessary keywords wantonly title, content, three labels, optimization is the essence of service users and not please the search engine, there are > before the author is mainly engaged in SNS marketing as the main line, including the WeChat platform maintenance … Continued

    Look at the crowd from the 58 city network marketing positioning

    from the station 58 city area love Shanghai snapshot we can clearly see that the 58 city people’s network population distribution in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, Shenyang, Suzhou, Changsha, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Chongqing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Dongguan, Dalian, Changchun nearly 20 popular city. From the city distribution order, the demand for network cities and the coastal economic development of the city’s population is very objective. secondary positioning for the needs of the population can browse the crowd, when users browse search your site may appear in front of the user, the user browsing after this demand, can also be defined as the secondary population for the target population. the main needs of the population, so should the layout of their own website according to the characteristics of the industry, users really need is what must be clear, for example here, for example you … Continued

    Two years working experience in Shanghai dragon was a bitter Shanghai dragon er

    at that time was that since the medical station is not good, so I just upstream, so as to exercise their ability to do so for some time, always doing the editing work (now the article is easy to write, is that when exercise > One word is learning English Shanghai dragon has been for two years, friends are already a station, and some are in the network company or hospital network supervisor, income in more than 7000, I’m still doing the Shanghai dragon. Mr. ZAC’s "Shanghai dragon combat code" has been turned rotten, also should understand all understand. Then a friend will ask, how would your friends so cattle, how can you still do Shanghai Longfeng? Is mainly composed of the following two reasons: ! first Shanghai dragon, do is stand (bed), products from keyword selection, internal optimization, and then to the construction … Continued

    The secret of cattle turning how do entrepreneurs do promotion at low costCollege students, direct e

    cattle turn, as a product of shared economy, of course, the risk of entrepreneurship, the entry needs to be cautious, an entrepreneur must have the quality of a clear judgment of the situation, make a decision, whether you want to start a business directly, you have to say it yourself. , a magical founder of the push tool, was born,   / /pr entrepreneurs circle of friends is Level high to nothing! > for the change. asks for a forwarding package, saying goodbye. allows each entrepreneur to have his own free promotion channels. as the saying goes, "everybody paddle, big ship, exclusive, free, accurate marketing tools! what will happen, how to do low cost promotion is an eternal topic for entrepreneurs. ! good wine is also afraid of deep alley times, makes the founder no longer lonely, each forwarding is a "love" push each … Continued