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The draft law on amendments to the Law on Hospitality Activity was adopted

first_imgToday, at the session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Proposal of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Catering Activity was adopted. These amendments extend the validity of temporary decisions issued pursuant to the Law on Hospitality, until December 31, 2020.This enables the continuation of activities and the provision of catering services in the household and on the family farm to those who have obtained temporary solutions valid until December 31, 2016, and until that date they are not able to obtain proof of the usability of the building because the legalization procedures have not been completed, as well as the harmonization of the actual ownership relations with the situation in the land books. Within that period, it would be possible to submit new requests for the issuance of interim decisions.According to the currently valid Law on Catering Activity, which regulates the manner and conditions under which legal and natural persons may perform catering activity, the possibility of issuing temporary decisions is prescribed, valid until 31 December 2016 at the latest, with the usability of the building being one of conditions for issuing a decision on performing activities prescribed by the Law on Catering. Namely, the caterer, ie the lessor, must enclose with the request for issuing a decision for the provision of services proof that the building (facility) in which the services will be provided meets the conditions in accordance with a special regulation, without which, according to that regulation, the competent office cannot issue a decision. meeting the conditions for performing the activity.Since it is not certain that the legalization of illegally constructed buildings, as well as the regulation of the state of land registers, will be completed by 31 December 2016, the proposed amendments to the Act extend the validity of interim solutions in order to provide catering services in the household and on the family farm in the facilities for which the procedure of legalization of illegally constructed buildings is being conducted, ie in the facilities for which the actual ownership relations are not harmonized with the situation in the land books, the Ministry of Tourism continues to point out.last_img

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