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Analysis of operating profit of whole dessert

restaurant dessert shop to join the investment market rating is low investment cost, high return, the profit rate of investment is high, of course, this is to join the make rating of the dessert from one angle, then stood on the objective angle, dessert shop operating profit how? The following Xiaobian for your brief introduction:

dessert store operating profit analysis:

if a single production costs, the profit margins are more than 200%–300%. In other words, the cost of 10 yuan, generally can sell 20-30 yuan or more. For example, Coconut Juice purple rice cakes are familiar, according to three weight calculation, black glutinous rice 150 grams, 50 grams of rice, white syrup 150 grams, 500 grams of coconut milk, cream 500, fish powder 40 grams, these materials plus utilities have more than 50 yuan, can make the product standard number? Quasi down pudding mold, about 18 bowls, 12 yuan per bowl of retail, can sell 216 yuan. A single cost of 2.5 yuan to buy 10-12 yuan, the profit margin should be about 400%. Of course, this is not the highest, the highest number of those jelly, jelly, cool bottom and so on, the cost of a few cents, with boiling water flushes, sold more than ten dollars! But not all desserts are like this, like mango class. Many dessert shops are in the promotion of their own mango are all imported Lv Songwang, is it true?. Summer Lu mang 4, a total of $5 a pound, in winter to 26 yuan a pound is difficult to buy. So in the mango products, the use of juice with Australian awn or Taiwan Mans, cut with a song. This way, in the winter, a sufficient amount of the cost of Yang Xiang fast ten yuan, if all with Lv Songwang, the boss really did not make money.

Other costs of

desserts include rent, utilities, staff costs and product losses. A 40-60 square meter dessert shop, in a good position, I mean commercial street or pedestrian street, rent at least 8000 – $10000 per month, or higher. But not too high, 15000 yuan can also receive good location, rent by the day every day 300 to 500 yuan; personnel arrangements, the two cashier one kitchen, and a single point, coupled with the boss you care enough, a monthly salary of 6000 yuan, almost every day by day. 200 yuan; utilities, if it is a business, a month to more than 2 thousand, residential electricity cheaper half. By day, 70 yuan a day, the loss is usually done when the product, broken, expired, was eaten by employees, do not think about it, these are difficult to avoid. In so doing the other day the cost is about 800 yuan, plus the cost of production, if the daily flow of about 3000 yuan, about half of the profit; if it is only more than 1 thousand that your position is not good, or is the quality of your product has a problem; if the water reached 5000 yuan every day, you every day 5>

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