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City of science and technology for doctors and teachers to provide entrepreneurial stage

Shanghai developed economy, science and technology leader, is the entrepreneur’s dream of heaven, since the management policy, also attracted a lot of scientists, entrepreneurs, in order to promote the national entrepreneurship, Shanghai science and technology city also welcome artists to join the venture doctor teacher.

"construction of global influence innovation center, Zhangjiang Park core should do what? General innovation can, of course, but not the point. Zhang Jiang to take the national strategy, the National Science Center to carry the land, the construction of a number of developed countries in the world only a world-class laboratory and major research platform." Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, the Pudong New Area mayor Sun Jiwei said, such as the National Center for protein science world class laboratory is Zhangjiang layout, including Shanghai light source two, ultrashort laser platform, live cell imaging platform project, and Shanghai University of science and technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical school.

2020 basically completed the international talent experimentation area

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