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How to enhance the sales of traditional retail electricity supplier encirclement

electricity supplier companies contend for a hundred schools, the competition is tragic, landing line; traditional retail struggling forward, trying to break through the extension line. There are intertwined online and offline, retail war intensified, who can be the first to lay the application scenarios and develop user habits, who will seize the initiative. The IBM, Chi Xin united and other companies have been committed to the research and practice in this area, has set up a number of smart shops scene, and is constantly exploring and improving. The perfect shopping scene

this is the shopping process in the construction of the wisdom of using mobile technology in the shop, and may be the opportunity to apply mobile intelligent technology to retail business unlimited, to build smart shops or traditional retail will be the new development engine. The technical realization of this scenario is no longer a problem in some areas and shops become a reality.

on the real operators, online and offline "double" does not mean the line just to become the online store display, which stores as the center of radiation to a certain extent, consumer services or products.

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