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QQ browser cup T innovation and entrepreneurship competition has started business opportunities can

entrepreneurship competition for young entrepreneurs, not only bring huge bonuses, but also an opportunity, therefore, the QQ browser T cup innovation and entrepreneurship competition is absolutely not to be missed, the contest has now entered the preparation stage!


3 24 by the Tencent of science and Technology (Shenzhen) Limited company, the second Internet plus Entrepreneurship Forum of the national mobile Internet industry incubation center guide, and QQ browser T sent cup innovation contest officially launched at the Tsinghua University. The current innovation and entrepreneurship contest will be the future of E as the theme, aimed at college students to provide a broader display of talent, innovation and entrepreneurship stage.

as the title sponsor of this competition, the QQ browser has been "to" I want now brand advocate, encourage young people to live in the moment, the pursuit of dreams, more willing to help college students to be creative and innovative change their reality. Hand in hand with the innovation and entrepreneurship competition is the concept of fit, win-win move. According to reports, QQ browser will invest a lot of resources are used for the promotion of this contest, online and offline support team.

It is reported that the

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