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Transportation infrastructure construction Jiangsu 2020 Gao Tiequan coverage

in our daily life with the rapid development of economy, people’s exchanges are more closely, so the improvement of transportation infrastructure is imperative. Nanjing to Yangzhou, the fastest 48 minutes, Nanjing to the fastest hours of 50 minutes, Nanjing to the fastest hours of 46 minutes to 4 minutes…… The spread of high-speed rail network, shortening the distance between the city and the city, so that residents of Jiangsu to go more convenient.

yesterday, reporters from the Jiangsu Provincial Railway Department learned that the next five years, Jiangsu will start building the railway, to 2020, the province’s "four vertical and three horizontal" high-speed railway network fully formed, 13 city rapid railway through the city, the total railway mileage of 4000 kilometers or more.

want to eat Yangzhou tea, a "high" back and forth easily

Mr. Zhang worked for many years in Nanjing, referred to his hometown in Yangzhou, miss the most is the morning. With the completion of the electrification of the transformation of the railway line, he hit a "high" can quickly eat. In May this year, Nanjing to Nantong, Taizhou, Yangzhou for the first time opened high-speed rail, for the people (603883, stock it), life is also due to the opening of the high-speed rail become more beautiful. Mr. Zhang told reporters, now from Nanjing to Yangzhou the fastest 48 minutes, a "high" to Yangzhou after the tea and then back to Nanjing to work no problem.

and Mr. Zhang, Mr. Shen is also the beneficiaries of high-speed rail. Because Zheng Xu high-speed railway opened, he went to Xi’an a lot of convenience. Xu Zheng with the opening of the high-speed rail railway, Yangtze River Delta area and western area, fast channel once opened, the travel time than before by nearly half, East and West from the original "next day" half day "jumped into the traffic circle. "Our company has a project in Xi’an, less than two hours to fly from Nanjing to Xi’an every time, but the Xianyang airport in the west, from west to East landed more than an hour to ride the car. Although high-speed rail needs 5 hours, but the travel time on the same, the key is not toss." Mr. Shen said.


7 railway is under construction, after the completion of the five cities into the northern Jiangsu

worth looking forward to is that there are 7 railway construction in Jiangsu, after the completion of the northern city of will be connected to the network. Reporters learned that, in November 5th, even the first paragraph Xu Gaotie officially started. This is the "13th Five-Year" Jiangsu the first major railway projects, but also to invest in Jiangsu construction of the first high-speed railway of 350 kilometers per hour.

After the completion of

, from Lianyungang (601008, stock it) to Xuzhou, only about 40 minutes to Nanjing, Zhengzhou, about 2 hours, to Beijing and about. As an important part of the national high speed railway main channel, built in the future High-speed Rail lianxu, to recommend

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