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Open KTV to pay attention to what

economic conditions are good, people’s lives are diverse, and therefore, a variety of entertainment and entertainment naturally ushered in the great development, but also attracted numerous investors. Among them, the KTV will become a lot of people choose. However, the success of such a cause, naturally there are a lot of attention. So, KTV should pay attention to what?

what do we need to do better in KTV? Service, price, or quality? We must refine and then quantify the number of points, and then make a comparative evaluation, in order to fully understand our competitive advantages and shortcomings.

: for example, do you have the characteristics of KTV decoration, environmental protection? Do you have a sofa and coffee table for guests to sit comfortably and comfortably? Does your stereo make it easy for the guests to sing, but also feel good and professional? Is your food delicious? Do you do a good job on your overall health? These are the basic hardware.

is a service problem again – how is your KTV service attitude? Service speed? What are the details of the service? Followed by the price – the price of your customers are willing to accept it? Clearing transparency? Do you have long term customer preferences? These are software, and hardware together, constitute your characteristics and brand.

if you’re better than the rest of the world, you can’t do a good job. To put it bluntly, you have to compete with others, you must be stronger than others, the stronger the more competitive, otherwise you will be eliminated in the competition KTV.

a shop business is hot, the content involved in all aspects, if we want to do business, naturally also need to do more work. So, if you are ready to open a KTV, do you know what details need to pay attention to it?

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