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Soft Wen technical big resolution, let soft text is not difficult to write

, we are not unfamiliar, all know that soft power, only an article can bring many benefits to themselves, now people generally have to write text on the Internet on the Internet, famous enterprises want to attract customers, to increase the visibility of the website, so soft, very strong, when the Internet has prevailed at first no one knows, the role of the soft, just write some articles published on the Internet, search engines have emerged slowly, and soft slowly is used, can be said to be the soft real prevailing after the search engine appears, because the first soft is to facilitate the spiders to crawl, some of my friends would say soft Wen should be network when there is, yes, this is the beginning of the soft, but the real time soft prevails or in the search engine after, Soft and not so difficult to write, some friends think write soft hate turned into Lu Xun, write a good article for everyone to see, in fact it is not so soft, no matter what people can, and soft not only writers can write, those of us ordinary people can also go to write, I remember when I first write text, I am also very afraid of it, because I am afraid I write things out and let others scold me, many scruples, when I finished the first article, and published in the online, there are a lot of people say I write well, to get the support of many friends, slowly I am confident, will slowly love to write soft, so soft, not hard to write, but you go beyond yourself, as long as you broke my first time, next time you won’t write soft What is the psychological burden, and write the soft benefits, can teach us the summary, so that we can be more aware of our shortcomings, so write soft can not only help themselves, can also improve our understanding of yourself and the insufficiency, said so much, I just want to say to write text your self-confidence, dare to dare to write someone to see, say, if you dare to write? Of course, I will give some I write soft get experience to share with you let everyone know some deep soft technology more clearly, the less nonsense, to come to the point:

one, pay attention to select soft text type

when we started to write text, first of all we want to know you want to write the type of soft Wen, and write the article related to the type of soft, may see some friends I wrote here I feel that is nonsense, don’t also digress? It’s not, affect the type of soft tube with your customers attention, so that the soft type is essential, and write a good article and a purpose is to let the search engines crawl soft in the content, can be so soft to maximize the search engine optimization cannot move out of the site in SEO, so the soft Wen wrote to the provisions the type of the dead can not write text, here we look at porn (adult) content, eavesdropping equipment and services (phone taps, mobile phone tapping, fax interceptor Pinhole camera), academic activities, gambling related industries, do service ("gunmen".

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