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Prediction keywords for the site to bring traffic alternative method

now, the number of websites in China is so huge that the competition of the same industry websites is becoming more and more serious. If it stands out among many websites, it will be considered by the webmaster everyday. Adding content to your website is nothing more than a simple and effective way to do so. But when one day, when your brain is numb, have you considered increasing your website traffic by other means?


introduced to you today is a new method of forecasting keywords.

what is the prediction of keywords, that is also not the words appear, think ahead keywords will appear, which updates to a site on the keyword content, when the network began to have news including such keywords, because your site update earlier, and was collected, therefore, the first time to get this part of the flow.

most of the owners are now adding web content in the Baidu index and Google magic compass in search of popular keywords, and then add the contents of this way due to the use of too much, you can do so I do, finally no good rankings, flow did not significantly improve. The way I introduced it was to add content before anyone thought it was going to be hot. Here’s an example.

I manage the website is the hospital website, I in this year’s last year is about April, the hospital doctor said that the high incidence of hemorrhoids is coming, online publicity, more appointment patients. So I was in the planning of keywords, but related keywords hemorrhoids too much, and which will become popular? As the saying goes, 10 female ten hemorrhoids, I think, should see more pictures of the onset of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids and the word pictures simply want to row on the home page is very difficult, the more I the limitation to the long tail keywords, designed a keyword "female hemorrhoids pictures" and then collected part of the pictures on the website, and this link to send a few chain in external. After a few months, until today, search the word of a few people in the peak time, one day there are more than 250 patients search the keywords into the site, although the number 250 on some sites are not many, but for a hospital portals, each visitor has may be the customer, therefore, still have a significant effect.

before a pandemic, the vaccine began to study, and be ready for use, the hospital leadership let me get a little a stream of articles published, I began to predict words, the thought that the H1N1 vaccine because no one used, many people will worry about whether there are side effects, may over a period of time, the word will fire a stream, but in the end there is no side effects don’t know if you write this article? So I use the form to achieve the purpose of answering. In fact, ask the patient about the side effects of the H1N1 vaccine and ask our online doctor to come

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