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Operating rookie must see how to enhance the user stickiness of the site

from the design of a website to start operations should have existed in the birth, each of the products are for the operation of the site, if the operating officer involved in the website design can make the target in the operation becomes clear and accurate. There are many things a web site operator has to do on site operations.

judge the quality of a website, on the one hand is to look at the flow of the site, on the other hand, but also more important aspect: the stickiness of the site. The stickiness of a website directly reflects the quality of the site. The stickiness of the website will save you a great deal of promotion cost. To increase the stickiness of the website, you must first ensure that your website is suitable for target users, and then there are several important key points that need to be grasped.


How does

increase stickiness for web users

first, pay attention to web page design,

looking at a website is like looking at a person. If you first meet people the impression of his scruffy, you certainly greatly reduced, the same site. If I login to a website and see a mess of content, I can’t find what I can find, then I think this site is extremely unfriendly to users. Who’s going to make friends with an unfriendly person,


when doing page design, we must consider the site characteristics, one is the need to clean the page design (of course, should conform to the characteristics of the industry), the two is the core of website content on the most prominent position. In this way, users can find what they want in the shortest possible time, in order to improve the user’s use efficiency, so as to improve the user experience. Finally, it will improve the stickiness of the website.

second, page opening speed

often hears a lot of people say: "that website is very good, but open relatively slow, so very little now", this is a big fault, the user often is such drain. Now, the website users read thousands on thousands of, jump rate is very high, the web becomes more and more fragile, if a web page opens time to a single time than he winked to long, will definitely shut down.

Open the speed of the

website is a very important factor, quickly open the site, giving the user a very good impression, allowing users to operate smoothly and quickly, so that users can not be browse more pages, bring a kind of pleasure, can firmly with the heart of the user, the user repeatedly prompted concern.

third, frequency and quality of website update

fast, new, is the Internet features, Internet users visit your web site, because I hope every visit is valuable, can bring some new things, although it is an eye opening. Always keep your content old and new, new, always 3/4, ahead of outdated content, to maintain this level, that is not too tired, and will not lose Internet users

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