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Several marginal topics on blog construction

as a result of WEB2.0, a blog on the Internet is developing very fast, the contact network of people almost no "Bo", from celebrities to the grassroots people, are keen to build their own homes in the online network.

The construction of

independent blog from the registration portal blog until now (, I keep writing, publicity, uninterrupted, along the way, tired and happy, but also have some of their own views and opinions. There are so many articles about promoting Blog websites on the Internet. Here we will talk about some of the marginal topics about blog Construction:

1. Questions about service providers

There are probably two ways for

to choose a service provider: one is to register a blog on a portal site, two to register an independent domain name, to buy space for yourself or to build a blog for a server.

of the two methods which one is better? The registered blog in the portal site, has its advantages: the server is stable, no money, do not have their own maintenance, but it is also very obvious shortcomings: when you use the add or reduce the function is limited, can not reflect their own personality, not a domain name later, your blog will move, before the publicity waste, the site of a friend to tell.

so, the best way is to register a your own domain name, choose a free blog program, such as Z-BLOG, PJBLOG etc., uploaded to the space, make your own or download a template, you have one of their own online home. In this way, there are some skills to build a blog. If you do not, you can get it from an expert. It’s very simple.

, do not belittle the domain name, domain name is an intangible asset, your domain name registration is good, the site developed well, perhaps in the future your blog site can also bring you unexpected wealth.

two, about the location of blog topics

Many people think that the

blog, is nothing more than a diary, write one day what happened, what feelings, talk about small household affairs, talk about the weather mood. It would be very wrong to think so until now.


blog’s initial rise, and that’s what it says, is a platform for you to keep a diary. Of course, things are constantly changing, now the blog has gone beyond the past only to write diary, now we use the word "blog" in the search engine to search out the blog theme, cover and contain everything covered the social life, all aspects of.

blog blog theme builder but how to locate? I think it should be small and specialized, select their most interested in, or their work content, choose one or two topics to locate the blog content. Why? Now the network, what content, and your blog if the contents of the flood, it is impossible to do their own features

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