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Pig CMS multi graphic message function, new upgrade, easy to use, simple operation

for the majority of users more convenient use of pig CMS, so that the operation is more convenient, we have created a multi message message model was adjusted.

as long as there are more than the text contains the same keywords, fans in the WeChat public number to enter this keyword, it will automatically reply to the corresponding multi graphic message. This model requires users to deliberately record key words and phrases, and there is a certain degree of inconvenience in using.

to this end, we have independently set up a multi graphic features, users in the background can freely select the added text messages, combined into multi graphic messages, multi keyword can also be defined freely.

The selection and setting of

multi graphics will be displayed directly in the background according to the text message mode in the WeChat reply window. This method makes the management of multi graphic more intuitive and easy to use.


this article reprinted from pig CMS official website

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