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Dream Qinhuai local portals profitable Damour five fingers

local portals have been faced with the problem of weak profitability and low return on investment. The industry has been circulating such a famous saying: "


1, portal and e-commerce;

2, property, car, home, wedding is the main profit-making industry of local portals.

3, big industry to do income, small industry to do content.

however, through the portal, e-commerce, vertical these terms, we need to understand the meaning behind these ways! In fact, the key word is: valuable service to realize their own value, enhance the influence of increasing value of itself. Summed up, can become local portal profitable "Damour five fingers":

Formula 1: providing value for services

reviews the practices of local portal commerce, and we most often hear the following questions:

· "your profit model is advertising?" — yes, the site’s profit can be attributed to the advertising model, but one-sided that the local portal website selling the product is banner and pop-up or BANNER, the

is completely mistaken!

· "the price is too high!" – the first screen? If the banner does not reach the local newspaper a full price of 1/5, the price is not high


· "no effect."." – extensive operation, when not gathered enough mass of popularity, can not talk about the effect! Look at the vertical web site, PV is not high, but the effect is very good. What’s the reason,


· "the sales force is not enough, and there are too few people."." Less? Repeat sales numerous, sweeping style sales methods, which in itself is a disaster.

What’s the solution to



, first of all, seriously think about the service you offer, whether it’s valuable to your users, whether your content is read or not, whether your content will be attractive or not, and see what you can do every day. Can you get help from your users?

this is the meaning of media: valuable content, a large number of valuable service information, good user experience, and even one-stop content service experience.

then, think carefully about what services you provide to your customers. How are his ads deployed, how to design, how many people see, or what your service has earned him, what he sees, and when you sell him ads, are you still feeling guilty?

this is another aspect of media: the manifestation of information. I try to make a delicacy operations team for this service improvement: a simple change of street sales into the shop service for small dishes, will send pictures to the community, and write their own experience. The team’s feedback was that sales improved by 3 times in the price increase of 60%.

second: aggregation >

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