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Brief introduction of two or three pages of contribution page, how to create high access soft text

for soft Wen, I believe every webmaster is not strange. The marketing effect of the soft Wen is all obvious to people, good, not only through the webmaster network reproduced can bring huge traffic can improve the visibility of the site, low investment and high efficiency is less than the other way. A good soft Wen, need to have the factors are diverse, need to pay attention to details, everything. How soft can have more reproduced? How soft and can bring high traffic? According to this period of time in the A5 community since the combination of experience and their own home page shows the article summarizes the experience in this area.

soft text is not high quality can bring high flow? Answer is not necessarily. High quality soft text, such as hardware facilities, only hardware conditions, and the lack of software is incomplete, so the corresponding software facilities also need to have, two indicators jointly determine the trend of things. Only with hard and soft can you achieve what you want. So what exactly does hardware include,


first of all, is the title attractive?. How important the title is, it speaks for itself. It is the brick of the door and the finger line of the whole article. If the article is written well, the title will not attract attention if it is not attractive. A good title will make a lot of readers click. Anyway, just one click of your article will be half the battle. However, the title should not be avoided. The space hole is too wide and the title is too long. It should also be eliminated. General soft Wen title must grasp three points: contains the readers interests related words and popular to the point of simple, to grasp the key features. There are three techniques for creating Titles: close to current topics, clever numbers and educational tones, and creative use of people or truth. Do these points, it is possible to make both unique personality, but also in line with the substance of the soft Wen title. But one of the most taboo aspects of writing titles is the title party, which can only lead to temporary traffic and may eventually lead to resentment and disgust from readers.

secondly, the text of the soft text quality?. There is no doubt that the text is the core of the article. About how to write a high quality soft Wen, there have been many precedents. The so-called soft Wen, is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect, but the A5 page is more soft can give readers a real value, which will attract visitors to reprint and discussion. In plain language simple expression article meaning, display station or promotion or aspects of the experience, so soft paper have value, in order to allow the reader to remember your site at the same time learn something, even to go to find your contact to discuss. Take a closer look at the first page of the article, the logic structure is relatively strong, the article content is not empty. Do not need how gorgeous language decoration, simple and simple content can be. Purely advertising articles and plagiarized articles will never appear on the front page.

again, the soft Wen release plate how?. As is known to all, A5’s soft text section is divided into four big blocks: news & interview & experience & promotion planning and search &am>

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