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Some ideas and methods for novice website promotion

do when the station has no user, every day COPY other website content is personal webmaster generally want to go through. Often see stationmaster crying for a long time no one to register, he at the forum, layout of the giant, giant theme less, it also expect others to sign, expect there will be popular? If you are a novice, or lazy.

can try the following methods

Links (a major friend of course is a good thing), note that quality must choose good friendship link, a word: high PR, high correlation, high popularity, search engines; this do not worry, if there is no major help, understanding a few blog (according to my experience, often blog is the focus of attention of the search engine, PR) included high, also let him help, it is impossible to open their own blogs (such as Baidu space, registration, use the forum name in each post with your address, then find a few blog website to submit RSS, this effect has nothing to say).

The main users of the website

to pull the user, do not simply send advertising, signature, article from, is a very good means and skills, of course if you can in the same station when the owner is going to be much simpler, want to hang advertising, there is a IP when I started hanging advertising, do not wait until 10 thousand IP when. At the same time, planning the form of advertising can not let it spoil the elegance of the entire interface. Specially went to the famous site for friendship connection posts, although you are a registered member of the 10 people to each other, have hundreds of thousands, then how to apply for a connection to ~? Many people apply for the big site, connection posts have people love to watch, although the possibility of connecting small, but after all there will be people go to their site to see if you fall in love with the site

access to your forum will not let go, find a few attractive topics, allowing visitors to register, registration, you need to hide on the line, as long as you see the new registered members to greet each other, send a welcome of a certain topic, let them feel their attention so, with the exchange, it is easy to keep people.

most of the net friends now have QQ, more people, hundreds of people on QQ. There are dozens of small, so that these QQ friends to help promote your forum. QQ group is also a good way, our forum put a song (tourists, visible) a festival to send a "all good festival ah, send a song" everyone, then address a place, the effect is outstanding, QQ group mail is good, no matter not at that time, one can see the on-line QQ group mail.

you stupid, stupid, lazy, want to own famous forum? Find a network of famous people scold, find a few large site administrator scold scold, don’t forget the way you expect to write up their own web site crazy scold than (like this), ha ha, etc. with the increase of traffic. Maybe a lot of people will agree with you and become your forum’s confidant. But make sure the other party doesn’t know how to use it

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