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Relationship between weight transfer and website description. How do you explain the nature of the s

before Scindapsus algorithm, many SEO friends all know that doing the chain that do keyword anchor text is the web site can be a word ranking up, so that when a large number of popular optimization methods outside the chain. But why do the hair of the chain, the anchor text keywords of Web site keywords ranking promoted? I believe that many owners do not understand, Peng Jian today for you to explain this one principle, as well as in the future how to use this one expired method to become the new method.


site says "


what is the website that Baidu? Is a machine, he does not know if we look at the pictures and pictures to write more words he can not read, but Baidu we knew that this website is what to do, what is the nature of the. Why is that? Here, let me give you an example:

if a puppy was born, he had no name, and everyone would call him "puppy" when he was called". That’s a pretty cool saying. He can make all the puppies a puppy. This is like a web site, Baidu, when he first set up, Baidu does not know what the name of the site, and finally Baidu will use a relatively fan term to call him "web site."". We can also call this stage the website was included.

the dog was the owner has a name for Xiaoming, then in the days with the master with friends during play, inadvertently you will know this dog called Xiao Ming, in the days after you will use this one specific name to call him "Xiao ming". It’s like a web site where the webmaster named this website "bad egg gift street"". The number of Baidu the bad guy in his egg gift Street long time observation, web site, gift Street link bad guy egg and egg gift Street ( bad guy the word appeared on the Internet times, Baidu will think "bad guy egg gift Street" is the name of a website, after this a website has his own name. We will be able to search our website at Baidu at this stage and find our website.

although this puppy called Xiao Ming, but we do not know what Xiao Ming is a dog to do. If a lot of people see Xiao Ming behind holding a blind man, often see puppies appear in the blind place, for a long time, we will think Xiao Ming is a guide dog. This is like a web site, Baidu will only know that a website called egg gift street a bad guy, but his character is what to do? So Baidu will observe from lots of websites, if often a gift from the class forum or other gifts websites found on him for a long time, Baidu will think that this is a bad egg gift street is a gift site. At this point, Baidu will link more than one word in these sites

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