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A ten years to build ten thousand P dream station experience

I contacted the Internet in 1999, and I learned to do HTML websites in 2000. I remember when I was making my first personal homepage and using ChinaRen’s homepage, how excited I was. The whole station is made by HTML, including photos, music.


was sophomore, he used NetEase’s personal space. In order to catch a girl, deliberately made a Christmas website for her, above filled with my blessings for her, with music, it is wonderful. Of course, she became my girlfriend in the end.

changed from my personal website to a business site in junior three. When I was doing part-time work in school, I found that it was not enough to send leaflets, and later I was able to combine my special skills and make a product website, which made me popular all over the campus. After a few months, I found that the traffic was limited and the income was limited, so I decided to expand my business. In the city’s forum advertising, but advertising is often moderators deleted. An occasional opportunity to join a webmaster group, every day to see them say SEO, slowly, I understand a bit, through optimization, in the search engine rankings, will be meaningful. So every day I send a link, find links, update the site. After a month’s hard work, my website has already got its first page in Baidu. Effect is really obvious, traffic turned over several times, customers expand in all parts of the country, natural, income is also a lot, that is, my first pot of gold. Dissatisfied with everyone, then you can earn three thousand dollars a month. Eat at the end of the month, and the money to save the tuition.

After graduating from college,

formed a studio that specializes in websites. But because of poor management and business can not keep up, ended in failure.

went to work, a media company at this time, it is my personal world, companies are most of the older colleagues do not understand on the Internet that can only be used on the network are terrified to describe. Each meeting, after listening to my plan SEO, an uproar. I am responsible for the company’s website. Naturally, I have become an elite of the company. Monthly salary of about five thousand, then it was pretty good, how to say, is also a white-collar?. Later, due to internal politics, I left the company.

now runs a car decoration company with several friends. The company’s model is e-commerce, and all the business comes through the website. E-commerce and portal network is not a certain difference, e-commerce pay attention to the practical, art does not need to be very ornate, so that customers will soon find the products you want to buy on the list. You can say, now my company’s core is SEO, because the website can bring us fifty thousand profit per month.

these ten years down, have done dozens of large and small websites. Most of them are industrial small stations. What I’m doing is the way to stand and stand. Ask a number of part-time jobs to maintain the website and increase the traffic.

recently built a local web site for a friend: the Henan oilfield network. Now a friend’s station is already <

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