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Pat on the loan, interest shop has submitted a listing application how double Yi Ruo is the NYSEFina


Any company can "indeed, in be listed, but time will tell the tale." any company can be listed, but time will prove everything on the Nasdaq, with innovative gene itself, and the relatively low threshold has been listed, many emerging companies IPO choice.

according to Xin financial understanding, this year’s first batch of "contingent": Pat loan and interest shops, respectively, before and after the Lunar New Year’s Spring Festival to New York stock exchange to submit a listing application. In addition, P2P, a company that is preparing to go public, has also targeted the nyse.

remembers that when pleasant news came from the NYSE to submit IPO applications, almost everyone would ask, "not Nasdaq,

another data show that Fu Tong has more than 50 million registered users, more than 28 cooperative merchants. At the same time, the financial payment through advertising platform and money paid merchants, pat, will jointly put a considerable scale of advertising resources, in order to meet the promotion requirements between merchants.

financial Xin from a number of preparations for the listing in the United States to understand, according to the listing report provided by investment banks, despite a long period of time, compared to the Nasdaq, the NYSE listed companies to issue standards and financial standards is higher, but the two exchange rate policy has been listed and convergence, and there is no obvious difference.

from the last century in 80s, and with the PC revolution, apple and Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, to 90s, accompanied by the emergence of the Internet the rise of Amazon, eBay and YAHOO, then Sina, Shanda, NetEase, Jingdong and a large number of Chinese Internet companies have chosen the "entrusted to life".

according to a listed company in the United States CFO introduced, in the past, the NYSE indeed on the scale of listed companies, income, profits and other aspects of the requirements are more stringent, but in recent years, this >

caifutong advertising platform by caifutong launch platform, caifutong tenpay is a Tencent Inc founded by Chinese leading online payment platform, dedicated to Internet users and enterprises to provide a safe, convenient, professional online payment service. The seamless combination of financial payment, advertising platform and financial payment will make the online advertising market more standardized.

why is the NYSE again,

since the past two years, many companies have begun to actively prepare for listing matters, the outside world has been predicted that in 2017 will become the new financial industry listed on the "big year."".

but what’s interesting is that, unlike China Internet Corporation on the Nasdaq, China’s new financial firms collectively chose the New York Stock Exchange, which has a longer history and a more pronounced "financial label".

it is understood that the carousel function refers to the main site to join the carousel, in advertising unsold cases, caifutong will take the initiative to buy, the advertising is no longer idle, sustained and stable profit, at the expense of caifutong advertising spending platform. Each advertising size can join the carousel advertising. Launch advertisement carousel, will break the current advertisement sale pattern, no longer let owners in unsold advertising before wasted.


in accordance with the process listed in the United States, the two companies also need to simultaneously report to the securities and Futures Commission SEC and related information to submit applications for listing. And compared to the exchange, SEC feedback is the key to the smooth listing.

recently according to sources that, according to the majority of small and medium-sized site owners advertising idle, advertising situation difficult to sell, caifutong advertising platform launched ad rotation function. Analysts believe that this is aimed at the current small and medium-sized sites advertising transaction downturn launched a major measure to break the rules of the industry.

Mutual gold company

‘s mutual listings now look like girls’ desire for marriage. We have the plan, some are looking for long-term meal ticket after listing financing more convenient, some older to don’t want to be marry after 35 years to go enterprises listed, some for name brand after the listing will have better. But many people do not want to get married after a good how to face life trivial and fuel.

caifutong advertising platform is advertising exchange platform, to cooperation between businesses paid through the third party property advertising resources exchange service, so as to accelerate the promotion of mutual assistance between businesses. The site uses the platform to advertise points to gain points and uses points to easily gain advertising bits for promotion.

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