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Don’t take to improve the user experience of Shanghai dragon to cheat

a lot of people are talking about Shanghai dragon, but really can say is what the Shanghai dragon is probably not a few people, maybe some people will say, Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, in fact, this is not all, today we will talk about the real Shanghai dragon, hope to the webmaster especially new webmaster can

!The true meaning of

three, to establish a correct concept of don’t as a station of Shanghai dragon

is now the Internet is flooded with garbage station, many webmaster using collection, pseudo original tools, to create a large number of so-called pseudo original content, in addition to love Shanghai included, human beings cannot read. Although there are good rankings, but did not produce lasting benefits! The conversion rate is very low, but also reduces the pollution of the Internet, network integrity. From the love of Shanghai issued by the Shanghai dragon guide thought can be seen, the real soul of Shanghai dragon is the quality of the user experience, as long as can improve the user experience, not Shanghai dragon can achieve good rankings.

hope you can soon establish the concept of the supremacy of users, the good customer service, one day, your site does not test the search engine also can bring huge traffic! Dumps and cheating station has passed, Shanghai will eventually disappear in the Internet dragon. Will be thin slimming net original (贵族宝贝 I wish all the webmaster can

an early success!

, to confuse the public cheating Shanghai Longfeng as optimization

many people didn’t know Shanghai dragon, but nothing on the Internet, read a lot about the website optimization promotion skills and knowledge, and gradually mastered some so-called Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, which optimize the knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng real, but more is how to cheat by Shanghai dragon, cheat cheat love Shanghai. The search engine! Such as pseudo original, do promotion, the chain, the chain do, they all belong to the Shanghai dragon is the search engine cheating, most do not want to see

help! !

two, Shanghai dragon is the user experience of

cheating is cheating, cheating if you said to be Shanghai dragon, will give you put on the right and proper coat, let you lose vigilance in cheating, once you put it as Shanghai dragon granted behavior, then your website basically can be sentenced to death only to all user experience! As the center, all the people, in order to achieve the long-term development of the site.

Shanghai Search Engine Optimization English dragon is the abbreviation Chinese is search engine optimization, the aim is to better search engine to find the target site, but in Chinese, Shanghai Longfeng webmaster has been given a new meaning of

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