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Webmaster Gospel love Shanghai site grammar epoch-making revision

love Shanghai — as the search engine China originator, the majority of owners by heart site grammar, after 14 years, finally completed in May 2014 the epoch-making revision, version of the new on-line information more intuitive, more accurate, more convenient operation, the most important thing is, whether it is the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform the user can view a variety of factors, the website included, safety and influence by site grammar these two indicators, be aware of website problems.


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform basis from all sides for the majority of owners to provide the most practical human services, at the same time, also can let more people feel the love of Shanghai "Simple and Reliable" spirit and character. The love of Shanghai site grammar epoch-making revision, has been widely believed that Shanghai Webmaster Platform become a favourite tale of love, love, believe that Shanghai will continue to provide users with a more intimate, more useful products and services

ten years, owners through the "site" grammar view love Shanghai search engine included his website how many pages, this figure relates to all sites of the "happiness index", but to an estimate of the data through the site grammar only, want to further understand the details need to login to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, which resulted in some site problems, and even some of the page is black, but because the number included good, cause webmaster did not solve the problem, its consequences, and the extreme phenomenon is not used to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmaster also can not know the first time on the site.

today is different from the past, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform not login, you can directly see the exact site included quantity, but also can directly see the effect included connectivity, robots ban, page 404, included in the important links with these four factors is normal; in addition, the "safety level" has also been solemnly referred to the site grammar page, stressed the importance of website security for web site operators to the webmaster, from the "safe, low risk, medium risk and high risk" four grades, "vulnerability detection, malicious code detection, tamper detection, fraud detection content" four dimensions show the site condition. Of course, want to know the details still need to login to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, verify the site, should be improved after contact can also receive timely website exception message reminder, timely and fast.

in addition, webmaster tools, Webmaster Platform used the latest information, love Shanghai certification system, in the syntax of the site page has been a very good show, stationmaster of simple and convenient operation. It can be described as "something site, website problem with ease".

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