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To understand how Google search engine ranking

for example, when users search for a mobile phone, search engine users need to know is to know this information or want to find sell the mobile phone website. The intention to guess the search, in order to return the most relevant results to the user. Therefore, the search engine technology with semantic analysis, word search, various web sites continue to index.



search query, the search engine will be collected and the related query all the web pages, and to sort the degree and usefulness in photography (based on the following factors: pointing to the pages of the external links number, external links and text intention estimation – for example, if the searcher intends to purchase a what, then the search engine will try to provide more electronic commerce website), then to get "more diverse (this does not include the replication site, also not only contains a single type of website).


search engine flow chart:

because of personal expression ability is limited, but I also try to let you webmaster friends can read everything I say, and the center of. Finally, also hope to know more, e-commerce practitioners, more senior author: QQ:1421102054 industrial dehumidifier (贵族宝贝jssodo贵族宝贝) is a professional consultant of Shanghai Longfeng million. This article in the first A5, we hope to use. Welcome free reproduced, please keep the original trace when reproduced oh. Thank you

based search engine, understand the search engine is how to order. In a 2011 article, the official noble baby once said: "to the search results ranking is very difficult, than most people think much more difficult. One reason is that language itself is fuzzy, ambiguous. "And its rules are not the same. How to express information is not standard, so we need to understand all of the pages, no matter who wrote it, what is the purpose of the creation of these documents. This is only part of the solution to the problem. We also need to understand the query keywords used by people, usually less than three words, and map them to our understanding of all documents. Moreover, different people have different needs, not to mention this point. All the things we need to do is within a few milliseconds…… It is estimated that the programmer / scientists of the search engine has been studied for a long time. Nevertheless, the rate of innovation has not slowed down." "Google search time is usually only lasted less than half a second, however, involves many different steps. These steps in the query information must be completed before people get search results."

search engine based on a variety of factors to decide how to arrange the content of the website. At the higher level, the search engine will be all kinds of content and they think and content related to a series of key link.


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