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To the Shanghai dragon like a raging fire poured a pot of cold water

, a Shanghai Longfeng long-term costs are still too high

Shanghai dragon is not the best way of promotion, if we analyze the Shanghai dragon promotion mode, you will find the promotion mode of Shanghai Longfeng demand is the main intention to seize the search has shown, for example, we optimize the "Apple 5 mobile phone how to order", "where can I buy Apple 5" this kind of long tail the word is generally for searchers often use search words. And if you want to promote a new product, such as the "pear mobile phone" to promote, in a short time to let more people know if we can use keywords in some industries, but this situation is not always the best Shanghai dragon promotion, will need to consume a lot of time. At the same time we know if our target user does not use the search engine to search, then we will not be able to play the effect of Shanghai dragon. These have created the Shanghai dragon is a kind of passive promotion situation.

compared with other ways of promotion, promotion of Shanghai Longfeng creativity is still insufficient, especially in some hot topic, but it is.

two, Shanghai dragon is a kind of passive way to promote

three, Shanghai dragon and dissemination of creative topics is still slightly less than

in the search engine marketing, we always love to take PPC advertising and promotion of Shanghai Longfeng comparison, think Shanghai Longfeng is economical means of promotion. Indeed, Shanghai dragon and PPC looks more cheap Shanghai dragon. But here it is the cost is mainly including the time cost and the uncertainty of the risk cost. First of all we know about the time cost, Shanghai dragon often need a long period to have a certain effect, it takes great effort during the 32 days of work, not things, often requires a minimum of three months or so, some sites if the optimization direction error, three months are very difficult to see the effect; if you want a quick, short-term marketing promotion, Shanghai dragon is not an ideal choice. The second is the cost of risk, we know that Shanghai dragon with severe dependence on search engine, if your improper operation or search engine algorithm update, so your site will usher in a period of black. As a reliance on online marketing companies, if all the focus on the Shanghai dragon, if keywords ranking disappear, then the impact caused by the enterprise will be huge.

in recent years, with the rapid development of Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon has become many enterprises to carry out online marketing indispensable means, and the online marketing cannot do without the Shanghai dragon view have been subtly recognized. In the development of this kind of idea of many enterprises or industry people directly to the Shanghai dragon and online promotion is synonymous. And that is really the case? I have a different view, today I will share some of their different views to the Shanghai dragon like a raging fire, poured a pot of cold water.

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