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Shanghai dragon died not just raise the threshold

Shanghai dragon really come to an end? It is too early to say Shanghai dragon end, as long as the search engine, Shanghai dragon is not dead. If you must find a word to sum up a big update in recent months, we can only say: Shanghai dragon is not dead, but raise the threshold.

with the next round of the arrival of love Shanghai big update, the webmaster to smoke four, loss of life, many rely on the search engine industry from a wild profusion of vegetation in ruins. Many webmaster but no complaints only covered all over with cuts and bruises, HanHen shouted: Shanghai dragon is dead! Shanghai dragon has no potential to decline! Shanghai dragon! And so on, always is to say that the Shanghai dragon has come to a head.

3, from station to station


to fight brawl

may be a lot of people don’t really understand this sentence. In fact, the search engine is just a display platform, every site is a product of search engines, can row in front just have better display location, convenient traffic. However, if the content of the website is not good quality, this ranking cycle is very short. That is not to determine the ranking cycle of Shanghai dragon means how clever, but the site itself how attractive. Shanghai dragon is a means of promotion, to improve the conversion rate or get a substantial income, need to put more energy in the station design and website content. How to make the site more valuable than perhaps more difficult to promote itself.

1, from

2, from physical to mental

Shanghai, raising the threshold is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Shanghai dragon has bid farewell to the era has one take charge as chief of a personal nature, by the development team to nature. The independent operation of Shanghai Longfeng individuals has become less and less, instead of professional editors, professional artists, professional program, professional chain will be more and more. In the increasingly high quality requirements of the situation, a person is not possible to perfect the transaction size of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon now do need is a team, and good team to the Shanghai dragon well. Operated by a single operation to the team, once put the threshold value of the Shanghai dragon.

early Shanghai dragon will often say they do physical labor, hard land like a bull. This is because in the early days of Shanghai dragon is largely in order to win. The chain who sent, who included much, who will be able to obtain the very good ranking. In this case, often as long as like a cow desperately dry can achieve a certain effect. But now all aspects of Shanghai Longfeng should focus on quality, not mindless is to bear the consequences, for example, K is a good example. Whether the station or extrapolation must be processed in order to be certain to achieve a certain effect. The Shanghai dragon mental than physical type of Shanghai dragon more technical content.

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