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Love Shanghai Yingshang love Shanghai bidding malicious Click



1. IP if it is in accordance with the calculation, a lot of IP agents, including VPN, over the wall, broadband automatic redial and so on, the software can immediately replace their IP, so love Shanghai could not really know this one. If the user is a real user, a small four thousand or five thousand block bidding cost the moment is gone, this happens.

refers to the malicious click search ads when users themselves have no interest in advertising, just to malicious malicious to click on ads, make each other’s bidding cost increase, this means called a malicious click.


when we love Shanghai input malicious clicks, you can see a lot of companies, a lot of software that it can prevent malicious click function, including love Shanghai itself in the prevention of malicious click function continue to improve, in the prevention of malicious click software has no effect? The effect is certainly some, but it is not obvious. If you really love Shanghai and those software companies that can completely or mostly prevent malicious click, then it is a blow to the user on the market, no company no software can do to prevent malicious click.

why do not completely prevent? Love Shanghai bidding in accordance with the number of clicks fee, which means that the user clicks one, it will be charged once, of course, if the same IP click on the word, is regarded as the only charge a new function, this is the former Shanghai love soon launched against the malicious click.

2. Shanghai

love is love Shanghai Shanghai bidding (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai love promotion are bidding): as Shanghai now love the main source of external income, its wide range of user groups across the country, all walks of life, to the billion dollar business, Taobao store small to individual operators, in the use of love Shanghai auction. Since 2009 Chinese Internet entered a period of rapid development, search engine users to cover the entire Internet, launched the love Shanghai bidding will undoubtedly make Shanghai love not only in profit at the same time, its reputation has come to a point, only there is love Shanghai bidding profit, fell in love with sea have more resources to devote to the Internet the competition, so it is the charm of love Shanghai for the bright starlight. But it also created a "love Shanghai now flawed – malicious click.

love after all can only simulate the user search habits, can not really distinguish whether it is a real user, so in the end is not malicious clicks, love Shanghai is no way to research. Some people may ask, click it, the love of Shanghai can be prevented, so for the keyword search, click to change the industry, purely for the sake of love can prevent malicious clicks, Shanghai? The answer is obvious, not to love Shanghai.

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