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How to learn the network marketing (two)

In the chain of

3, the total

Two, how to use the

2, Shanghai super large Encyclopedia of love

1, we should learn from Wikipedia, let users create content for us. Why do we give users to create content? See encyclopedia, why people are willing to create content to the encyclopedia, a large part is for the purpose of promotion, but also from the love of Shanghai know, that can also let people ask questions. So if you want to user generated content to you, you have to meet their requirements, such as communication, do not understand the requirements of the questions.

every one of us is one of the builders of Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia of traffic, which leads to the Encyclopedia has advanced powerful traffic sources. Traffic is one of the key factors of the survival of the site. So, our website as long as there is a flow, then with a strong vitality.

analysis results of

, for example:

so we can through the forum, blog, question and answer in the form of user generated content to me through these people happy? Of course is not possible. Before that, you have to meet their needs, such as the promotion personnel meet the needs of the industry, to meet the people to share the professional desire in the bank.


How to learn the network marketing

1, Shanghai love Wikipedia is user created content

4, Wikipedia can attract a lot of traffic

we want to study in the Shanghai dragon, I said, let’s start from the observation. Through our observation, Shanghai dragon optimization do best is love Shanghai encyclopedia, (why this observation results, see the curse) then we begin to analyze the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love.

content.It is called

encyclopedia Wikipedia, the content is very comprehensive. Covering all walks of life, every word. If a response to our website, we have comprehensive coverage of the relevant content of the line to the content in these links with each other.

Shanghai Longfeng successful case


we all know that Wikipedia content is created by users. Encyclopedia of the staff just a process audit. This is a feature that we record.

I used to imagine that we start from any article love Shanghai, we can find out our 90% common vocabulary, Wikipedia has a strong collection, have strong mutual itelinks! Just like a fishnet, no dead round cover.


in the article "learning network marketing where to start, start from the observation" which said, learning network marketing industry starts from the observation, observation of successful cases. Analysis of some of the methods of operation success stories from the others, some thinking process. Then grafted to our own operations. So where a case study of


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