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2009 Xining found the amount of illegal enterprises about 3800000 yuan

recently, the Municipal Finance Bureau, Xining city in 2009 and focus on strengthening the people’s interests at stake, the economic and social development, social impact of major focus spending a high degree of supervision and inspection, found a total amount of 3 million 826 thousand and 300 yuan violations.

It is reported that the city of

, the focus of supervision and inspection of project expenditure of urban and rural medical assistance funds, special funds, three counties and the city’s Chengdong and district funds transfer payment and the relevant units in the propaganda, low rent housing, sports, medical care, disability payments and other projects of special funds. In addition, the rural boarding 15 thousand tons of active lactic acid bacteria fermented milk processing extension, Huangzhong county and Huangyuan County subsistence living subsidy funds expenditure, Datong County Tannery Wastewater renovation projects 13 projects carried out supervision and inspection. In the detection of the amount of about 3800000 yuan in violation of the amount involved in the amount of real estate assets of $268 thousand and 700, income is not real, the amount of money is not real and information disclosure and other aspects of the amount of $2 million 714 thousand and 500; other violations amount of $352 thousand and 700. The city has been ordered to correct violations.


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