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August 24th Xining to Yushu flights to 3 classes per day

Since August 22nd, China Eastern Airlines in Xining airport will launch fourth overnight aircraft, flying from Xining to Yushu, Xining to Golmud route. So far, Xining – Yushu up to 3 classes a day, Xining airport overnight aircraft will reach five, the highest peak in history.

new flights are using the world’s advanced models Airbus A319 aircraft, specific flight time:

Xining to Yushu route 3 classes per day, MU22334 flight, 07:00 from Xining airport to take off, 08:00 arrived in Yushu, 08:30 take off, 09:30 arrived in Xining. MU23656 flight 10:20 from Xining airport, 11:20 12:00 arrived in Yushu; Yushu Batang airport, 13:00 arrived in Xining. MU23134 flight, 17:30 Xining takeoff, 18:30 arrived in Yushu; 1910 Yushu Batang airport, 20:10 arrived in Xining.

Xining to Golmud flight, flight number is MU227980, 14:00 Xining airport to take off, 15:00 arrived in Golmud; 15:40 Golmud Airport to take off, 16:40 arrived in Xining.

this year, with Qinghai’s rapid economic growth, continued to promote the reconstruction of Yushu, Lake Race, Green Fair comprehensive pull large-scale activities, Qinghai airport transportation and production continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum, as of August 20th, Xining airport completed transport movements 14545 vehicles, passenger throughput of 1 million 666 thousand passengers, cargo throughput of 8978 tons, an increase of 32.2%, 31.6% and 31.8% respectively, an increase in the forefront of the national capital city, the Xining airport in the history of the most busy period.


entered the summer, Tibet tourism continues to heat up, the demand for air transport is unusually hot, in order to effectively alleviate the pressure of demand, to better promote the development of local economy and society, the Qinghai Airport Inc actively coordinate, continue to increase marketing efforts, has with China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and other airlines to increase flights, overnight aircraft, opening new navigation point the problem of repeated communication and consultation, the Qinghai strong aviation market demand, and actively seek the transport capacity, major airlines have good Qinghai aviation market, timely increase, new flight routes, Shuyun transport capacity increased by 32.6%, the current Xining daily flights to Xi’an 14-16 class, Xining class 9 daily flights to Beijing, Xining to Guangzhou 4 classes a day, Xining to Shanghai 4 classes a day, the majority of visitors to bring a wider choice to meet the tour Passenger travel demand. (author: Mei and gang)


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