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Real India

first_imgIndia is known to be very popular due to its diverse culture all over the world. From North to south with the temperature variation, food, dressing sense also different. Where our eastern people welcome the sun first, our western side people enjoy the beautiful evening for a long. In this land of amazing history, people have kind and innocent hearts too. In this country, people consider their guest as a god. Where an innocent smile pops up on people’s faces When they meet the stranger and do warm welcome them.We are very familiar with this soft zone that is on the verge of end by some people. It is abolishing by people day by day who are greedy of power, money, and fame. In this land of great mythological stories that teach us goodness.  Why our great people wrote amazing mythological stories. The simple and sweet answer is to keep maintain the goodness, to practice honesty and obedience.Well, politics is killing the real meaning of these marvellous stories. It vanishing by some sectarian. People blame each other’s religion, cast, etc.  Is it the real prayer of god? Is it the real meaning of our education.  It is not. Where is the real Indian and their innocence?  Where is the safe and peaceful environment?  We need to live together without afraid, without a fight. Spread love and keep happy, that should be the real prayer.last_img

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