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Good employees get higher – store sales

what is the influence of an employee on the operation of the store? I am afraid that only the real experience of hiring employees can give a reply. From the past, the store business process, we can see that a real good staff, the sales volume of the shop has a very big help.

some time ago, peer Lee hired a clerk, business is also good.

the old man who was hired by Lao Li was not an ordinary clerk. She used to be the owner of the smoke Hotel, save a lot of contacts, reputation excellent. Because the store was demolished, she was in the eyes of Lao li.


home junction in Pingluo County suburbs of the old village, old village a total of eight teams, the villagers scattered together. Clerk in the old village opened seven stores, the old villagers like to her store consumption.

after the demolition of the old villagers, scattered in three areas, into a product word like distribution. Lee boss’s shop happened in the center of the word product. Clerk has always had its own WeChat customer base, every morning, she put the pictures of the old house, in the circle of friends publicity. Consumers buy goods, she also offers door-to-door.

three District acquaintances, know her in the Lao Li’s shop to work, but also come to buy things, and she pulled a few home. The clerk familiar with commodity, price and management of crystal clear, understand, do you. The Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, Valentine’s day, three just after, Lee boss account, more than the same period sold more than seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan.

compared to what experience, what contacts are not, although the monthly salary is much lower than the staff, I believe the shop owner will be more willing to hire such staff. Therefore, the shop owner in the time to hire employees also need a lot of attention, so that it is possible to make the business really hot shop oh.

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