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Entrepreneurship is growing in trial and error

whether it is their own business or business, in the absence of formal operation, the fund is the first to solve the additional problems. Entrepreneurship is the need to spend a lot of money. So how much does it cost? How does it work? It depends on the size and size of your investments.

some time ago, someone figured out the need to set up an Internet start-up company about 600 thousand, probably the case is.

1: registered company: about 2000

2: office space: about 1~2 million / month

3: office facilities: about 30 thousand

4: labor cost: about 10~20 million / month

5: operating cost: about 5~10 million / month

above these taxes and fees in addition to the cost of three months of funding requirements of about 600 thousand. Although this figure is praise word, but this is not false, from 2013 to the end of 2015, there are tens of millions of Internet entrepreneurs to venture this road every year, success is less and less, in addition to several successful scanty, so, the rest is failure. Most of the failures belong to trial and error, I have tried a lot of mistakes, although not successful, but I summed up the experience of the three.

1, cost control, no one meal, don’t start working, more secure.

for business, can control the cost for registered company, taxation, domain name, trademark, office space and daily necessities, employee social security and five social insurance and one housing fund. Registered companies, domain names can be regarded as a one-time expenditure, just started to register a common domain name. Office space can use incubators, office supplies on the individual. In addition, social security, the start-up phase, can be suspended. Of course, there are funds to be handled properly, to prepare for some of the following policy subsidies.

is also a non controllable cost, the cost of control for the staff salaries and operations this, mainly related to project development and operation. Even a simple activity needs planning, art design, implementation, promotion, just a product launch event, or a small activity will require much additional fee (specific costs cannot be estimated), this cost more for marketing can not be estimated.

2, want to zero cost entrepreneurs need to be cautious, and now has not been able to make a fortune by idea

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