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Google patents Android unlock patterns for automatic app launching

first_imgPattern Lock has been a unique feature in Android for a long time now, but it looks like Google had something extra in mind for the feature when it came to launching apps. Now that there’s a patent in place for the feature, we may see it in future releases of Android.Many view Google’s Pattern Lock system as an answer to Apple’s Slide to Unlock, but the added security it introduces really makes it a cut above the average lock screen. As long as you aren’t the type to leave obvious fingerprint streaks on your phone, the pattern used to unlock a handset is yours and yours alone.You can set that up however you choose, and you can either use the bare minimum number of dots or get creative and use all of them. According to a recently surfaced patent, however, it was Google’s intent to allow you to also use the pattern screen to unlock straight to specific apps on your phone.We’ve seen similar sounding features before, built by third parties and added into ROMs like CyanogenMod. The ability to trace a pattern and have that app launch, instead of unlocking the phone and looking for the app. HTC has tried to solve this problem on their phones in a number of different ways, first with the ring launcher in Sense 4 where you could put whatever apps you want on the lockscreen, and again in Sense 5 where your launch bar is imitated on the lockscreen. These all work well enough, but with the addition of lockscreen widgets in the latest versions of Android it is very easy for your lockscreen to get cluttered.If you’re already a Pattern Lock user, this feature will just allow you to set multiple gestures where each loads a specific app after the phone is unlocked. It means there’s a little more set up time in the beginning, but the end result would absolutely be worth it should this make it to Android some day.last_img read more