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Bayer’s digital health solutions provide women with accessible advice on endometriosis and contraception

first_img News Phoenix Business Consulting invests in telehealth platform Healpha Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals releases first “Comprehensive Textbook of COVID-19” Bare Your PainBayerBayer Zydus Pharmacontraceptiondigital health solutionsendometriosisTanu’ Menopause to become the next game-changer in global femtech solutions industry by 2025 Bayer’s digital health solutions provide women with accessible advice on endometriosis and contraception Bayer’s Bare Your Pain application and Ask Tanu chatbot aim to empower women by addressing misinformation on endometriosis and contraception, respectively WHO tri-regional policy dialogue seeks solutions to challenges facing international mobility of health professionals The missing informal workers in India’s vaccine story Related Posts MaxiVision Eye Hospitals launches “Mucormycosis Early Detection Centre” Read Article Heartfulness group of organisations launches ‘Healthcare by Heartfulness’ COVID care app Share By EH News Bureau on January 31, 2020 Comments (0) Bayer Zydus Pharma has launched ‘Bare Your Pain’, an application to help women better manage their endometriosis, as well as ‘Ask Tanu’, a chatbot, which is the first of its kind in India to provide a reliable resource for advice on contraception and reproductive health.The ‘Bare Your Pain’ application targets a chronic and painful disease like endometriosis, which is known to affect ten per cent of women of childbearing age. About 176 million women suffer from it globally, and, of these, 26 million belong to India alone. The application will enable endometriosis patients to better manage and monitor this chronic health condition. For many women in India, visiting the doctor for regular health check-ups is not a priority. This app would help empower women with the information to manage their disease at home, and also monitor the progression, which would, in turn, help them have better discussions and outcomes whenever they visit the doctor.“Disease management plays a very important role in Endometriosis. The condition can be managed well when the patient is better aware and is able to monitor the symptoms. In many cases, the patients are unable to provide a clear description of their present condition. Digital interventions in healthcare like the Bare Your Pain application will advance awareness levels and allow us to provide better quality of life to patients,” said Dr Narendra Malhotra, Gynecologist and Obstetrician practising in Agra.With half of the country’s population younger than 25 years of age, there is also a need to raise awareness on the use of contraception among the youth, and better family planning among young couples. Women often shy away from these conversations due to fear of being judged. ‘Ask Tanu’ chatbot aims to address misinformation on contraception, reproductive and sexual health, by offering key information and resources on reproductive health in the convenience of a smartphone via the Facebook Messenger app, in a safe and private setting.“According to the NFHS 4 survey, 47 per cent of the married women between 15-49 years did not use any method of family planning, which highlights the pressing need for raising awareness on the topic. Women generally feel more comfortable asking friends or looking up for information on the internet over sensitive topics. What ‘Ask Tanu’ will provide them is one-on-one engagement online. This type of private service will encourage women to ask questions and get the right answers pertaining to their health conditions from a verified source. This will also prompt them to consult physicians if they have more pressing questions,” said Dr Nozer Sheriar, Obstetrician and Gynecologist based in Mumbai.“With almost nine decades of experience, Bayer has been a true pioneer in the field of women’s health, and we are constantly seeking new ways to engage and empower women on the diseases impacting them,” said Manoj Saxena, Managing Director, Bayer Zydus Pharma and South Asia Head at Bayer. “We recognise the power and reach of digital platforms today. The launch of Bare Your Pain App and Ask Tanu chatbot, will allow us to connect better and raise awareness amongst women across India. Both platforms will give women access to credible and reliable information anytime, anywhere without having to worry about possible stigma to make the right decisions.”The ‘Bare Your Pain’ app and ‘Ask Tanu’ chatbot will be able to provide 24/7 support and monitoring, along with sharing credible information, for women in India. Both tools are available across India in the English language. Add Commentlast_img read more

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first_img…the gold?Who woulda thought the economy would be on life support now, after this Government took over. After all, Clive Thomas, the fella now heading SARU (that’s “State Asset Recovery Unit”, thank you!) swore the PPP was siphoning off 0M annually into its pockets. But that was said when the PPP was in office. Right after the APNU/AFC coalition took over, a government spokesman said the figure was actually 0B!!And then a few months later, Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman said THAT was only the MONEY stolen by the PPP. Oodles of gold were also being smuggled from the country and he announced a “Task Force” to coordinate efforts to staunch this yellow bleeding. In January of this new year, he put a figure to his smuggling claim – 15,000 ozs a week!! Now this is real money you’re talking about here. At even US00/oz, billion was leaving the country EVERY WEEK!! That’s 6B annually.Now with Trotman’s Task Force, SARU and SOCU (Special Organised Crime Unit) and various and sundry law agencies, dozens of audits, just as many COIs on the money and gold trail, you’d think by now the bleeding would’ve been stopped and the country be flooded with funds. Stopping the 0M the PPP was “siphoning” and the 6B from the gold smugglers, the Government would have three times its annual budget to spend! Happy times should be here again, no?No! Apart from charging poor Jenny Westford and her assistant, not a penny has been found of the 0M the PPP was supposed to be “siphoning”. And we still don’t know what’ll happen with Jenny’s case when it goes to trial. On the gold smuggling front, Trotman just revealed that the “Task Force” he established last year hasn’t met since then. But they’re working on the problem! We wonder if they’re still collecting salaries, since Trotman assured us the Task Force hasn’t been disbanded.The Resources Minister (or is it the “resourceful” Minister, seeing as to how he hedged his bets at Nassau a decade ago?) also revealed that SOCU and SARU are taking the lead nowadays on the gold smuggling. Now it’s been nine months (40 weeks) since Trotman noted they were hot on the trail of the gold smugglers. By his figures some 600,000 ozs of gold worth US0,000,000 or .2B have been smuggled.And what has SARU and SOCU done during all this time? Well, they did pull off that goldsmith Ramjit from a plane with 19 ozs of gold bling!Hey! Don’t knock them. Nineteen ozs out of 600,000 ozs is a start, no?…the crime fighter?They say “cometh the hour, cometh the leader”. Well, after a slight blip, we seem to be heading into another “crime spiral”. And as happens with spirals, it’s never the same as before. The crimes committed in this round are eerily reminiscent of what went down at the beginning of the millennium.Do folks remember Douglas and several others had protested prison conditions on the roof of the Camp Street Jail before their “Mashramani Five” breakout? Do folks remember just like today, when contraband smuggled into the prison became so common, it was only a notch higher when guns became available?And do folks remember business people targeted for robberies? And then kidnappings? So where’s the leader to head off the barbarians at the pass? All eyes pan left to Minister of NATIONAL Security Khemraj Ramjattan, please!He’s just put all our minds at rest by announcing he’s open to being persuaded to relax his 2 am curfew, come the Big Jubilee Bash!What crime spiral?…the drugsSo who’s fibbing? The staff of the GPHC, hospitals and clinics all across Guyana or the officials? The former, who’re treating and prescribing drugs to sick patients, say the commonest drugs are not available.“Not so!” say the officials. So who’s fibbing – and why?last_img read more

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SA, UK boost for African farmers

first_img25 May 2006South Africa is a key partner in two new trade programmes designed to increase trade between SA and its neighbours and give emerging farmers in the region access to Europe’s supermarkets.The two programmes, supported by Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID) and backed by £4.5-million (R56-million) in British funding, were announced by British Prime Minister Tony Blair and South Africa President Thabo Mbeki following their meeting in London on Wednesday.According to the Cape Argus, the first, four-year programme will see British and South African supermarkets helping vegetable farmers in southern African countries to meet the quality standards required by EU markets.The programme aims to increase the sourcing of products by SA supermarkets from neighbouring countries by 30% by 2010, and to increase international retail sector purchases of high-value agricultural products from southern Africa by 5%.The second programme aims to reduce waiting times at border posts for both smaller traders and larger businesses moving goods between South Africa and Lesotho, South Africa and Mozambique, and Zambia and Zimbabwe.According to The Herald, the programme, backed by £500 000 (R6.2-million) of legal and practical support from Britain’s DFID, will also involve the SA Revenue Service and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa).The programme aims to help cut waiting times at the three border posts – among the busiest in southern Africa – by at least 30% by 2010.“If Africa is to achieve the growth necessary to meet the key Millennium Development Goals of halving the number of people in poverty by 2015, the business environment must improve,” Mbeki and Blair said in a joint statement after their meeting.“Today’s trade agreement takes southern Africa another step towards a better business climate.” reporter Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more