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Naked German Man in Car Trunk Pops Up on Google Street View

first_imgI’m sure there are plenty of Websites out there devoted to images of naked German men crawling out of car trunks–heck, I’m sure there’s an entire subculture with its own annual convention devoted to the phenomenon. That said, it’s still a bit weird to see that sort of thing show up in the generally fairly benign Google Street View.German news magazine Der Spiegel caught sight of this odd phenomenon before it was censored by Google Maps Deutschland.AdChoices广告The whole scene is an odd one to unpack. A seemingly naked guy in the trunk of a convertible. There’s no one else around, save for a sleeping (?) dog that has been creepily cropped by Google Map’s editing technology. There are pieces of the trunk off to the side and a jug of some kind of fluid.In all, seems like the end of a Guy Ritchie film. Theories?last_img read more