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Selfie addicts now suffering their own repetitive stress injury

first_imgThere’s a new plague sweeping our nation. If you’re not careful, you too may find yourself in its unforgiving grasp. What is this demonic affliction? They call it… Selfie elbow!Oh yes, it’s a real thing — every bit as real as text claw and iPad hand. Selfie elbow is similar to injuries you might sustain from doing actual physical activities like golfing or playing tennis. Except, you know, it’s caused by holding your phone in awkward positions with your arm outstretched while you make duckface or try to look like you have an 8-pack.Symptoms include pain, reduced range of movement, and loss of strength. This isn’t just an affliction that’s affecting the kiddies, either. Respectable and famous adults — like Today show hostess Hoda Kotb — are selfie elbow victims, too.Don’t go thinking that a selfie stick is the answer. While you might not be extending your arm quite so much, you’re still putting strain on the hand and arm you’re holding it with. Experts suggest using a two-handed grip… or a radical treatment that’s so crazy it just might work.Their recommended treatment for non-life-threatening cases of selfie elbow: take a break. Stop taking so many damn selfies and give your arm a little breather every now and then. Maybe put an ice pack on the sore part and do some stretches while you’re at it.Also pay more attention to your body and learn to recognize signs that it’s getting pissed about something you’re doing over and over… and over…Image courtesy torbakhopper/flickrlast_img read more