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Radiology Program Director

first_imgJob Close Date05/09/2021 Evidence of experience working with students to supportacademic success. Position Information LocationHillyard Technical Center (St. Joseph MO) Position Type:Full-Time • Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution ofhigher learning with at least 18 graduate level credit hours infield of instruction (Radiologic Technology) or associates degreewith industry experience/certifications for technicalprograms.• Two years of teaching experience using interactive teachingtechniques• The Program Coordinator: must have a Master’s degree inRadiologic Technology or a qualifying field that provides afoundation in the specific subject matter being taught, 6,000 hoursof clinical experience, 4,000 hours as an instructor in a JRCERTaccredited program, and a current ARRT registration inradiography. The Program Coordinator: must have a Master’s degree in RadiologicTechnology or a qualifying field that provides a foundation in thespecific subject matter being taught, 6,000 hours of clinicalexperience, 4,000 hours as an instructor in a JRCERT accreditedprogram, and a current ARRT registration in radiography. An MCC application must be accompanied by the following: The highlights of your education and experience whichspecifically prepare you for this position;The mission of the community college and how you wouldcontribute to the mission;How your teaching style would reflect the diverse learningstyle of our students;Your familiarity with the instructional technology appropriateto your discipline;The basis for your familiarity with multi-culturalism as youwould apply it to your discipline; andThe methods of assessment you would use to assess studentlearning outcomes. Specific Experience Required: • Radiologic Technology• Medical Sales• Radiology Application Services How did you learn about this position?Academic KeysChronicle of Higher EducationCraigslistDiverse Issues in Higher EducationDos MundosEmployee Higher EdKansas City CallKansas City GlobeKansas City Hispanic NewsLinkedInMCC WebsiteMonsterOther SourceTwitter Initial Screen Date:05/12/2021 Experience in a role that required management of multipleresponsibilities with timelines. Evidence of experience in developing, assessing & revisingcurriculum. Evidence of continued education in the profession. • Deliver effective instruction – Provide quality instruction,which is reflective of current discipline standards and isaccurate, relevant, and engaging using college – approvedcurriculum and resources.• Assess student learning – Demonstrate reflective practice,including assessment of student learning. This includes ongoingformative assessments, as well as official departmentalassessment.• Manage classes and learning environments – Foster a positiveclassroom-learning environment by presenting information in a waythat is inclusive to all learners, including the assurance ofsection 508 accessibility.• Promote continual improvement as part of the cycle of teachingand learning.• Support learning through student engagement – Incorporatepedagogical strategies such as active learning, authentic andproblem-based activities, and other successful teaching strategiesinto classroom instruction.• Provide student guidance – Help students develop academic habitsfor college success.• Pursue professional development – Stay current in academicfield.• Actively participate collegially in department, campus,cross-college, discipline-specific, district, and community serviceactivities.• Perform other duties as assigned to provide a high qualitylearning experience for students, including participating incommencement, attending college functions, etc.To review additional descriptive components of this facultyposition CLICK HERE . Current experience with learning assessment. Class CategoryFaculty Position Title:Radiology Program Director Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Preferred Areas of Expertise:• Radiologic Technology• Medical Sales• Radiology Application Services Special Requirements: Preferred Areas of Expertise:• Radiologic Technology• Medical Sales• Radiology Application Services Special Instructions to Applicantscenter_img Job Open Date04/09/2021 Brief Description of Duties: Optional & Required DocumentsRequired DocumentsCover LetterResumeTranscript 01Optional DocumentsTranscript 02Transcript 03Transcript 04Transcript 05Other Document 01Other Document 02Other Document 03Other Document 04Other Document 05 Official transcripts are required if selected for interview. * Are you a Registered Technologist in Radiography with theAmerican Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT RT (R))? (Acopy of this document must be attached to the application.)NoYes Position is a Limited Duration appointment to end no laterthan 06/30/2022. Preferred Areas of Expertise: Experience teaching in either a clinical area oreducation. A cover letter which indicates the position of interest andaddresses the following: Cover letter, resume, and transcripts are required and must beattached to the online application to receive anyconsideration. Preference will be given to individuals who possess: Evidence of experience in a professional leadership role. Work Hours PLEASE NOTE : CompensationSalary is commensurate with education and experience. Minimal Qualifications: Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). * What is the highest level of education you have as conferredthrough an official transcript?Have not completed High School/GEDHigh School/GEDAssociate’s degreeBachelor’s degreeMaster’s degreeDoctorate degree A resume to include three professional references with name,address, and phone number.Official or student copies of your transcripts. Career Opportunity Number21-030 Open Until FilledYes * How much full-time, directly-related teaching experience doyou have, as supported by the employment history listed on youronline application?noneless than one yearbetween 1 and 3 yearsbetween 3 and 5 yearsbetween 5 and 7 yearsbetween 7 and 10 yearsten years or more * Do you currently have at least a Master’s degree from aregionally accredited institution of higher learning with at least18 graduate level credit hours in field of instruction (liberalarts) or associates degree with industry experience/certificationsfor technical programs?YesNolast_img read more

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Brexit and the paradox of David Cameron’s own exit

first_imgDave the butlerStaying on to “mind the shop” would chime with a narrative that sees Cameron as butler to the nation, telling the electorate “very well, I shall attend to it” and setting about translating a pro-Brexit vote into a series of deals and treaties to see us through the choppy waters.He could not decently leave such a task for a couple of years, but would win brownie points for sound husbandry and statesmanship. He could conceivably even call an election to seek a personal mandate. And the danger to the U.K. that a Brexit win would present would surely get his juices going. In those circumstances, his family might have to wait a little longer. the call of duty might be too strong.But if the Remain camp wins, we have a paradox. Unless the victory is extremely slim, Cameron would be entitled to claim vindication. His vision of keeping things as they are would be safe for a bit longer. His job would be done.He could talk magnanimously of the need to move on, of the need to put the Tory Party back together again. Come back, Michael Gove. Hard lines, Liam Fox — you fought a clean fight, have a peerage and a job. Boris, pull up a ministry (although not one that matches your ambition). And there the maestro leaves us (whether wanting more or not is for the reader to decide), his greatest “essay crisis” seen off.So if you are one of those curious people who thinks personalities are all that matters, and that the most important thing is to get rid of David Cameron as soon as possible, it is just possible you’ll get him out quickest by voting Remain on Thursday.James Hanning is co-author, with Francis Elliott, of “David Cameron: Practically a Conservative.” Knowing voices have ignored this, saying the PM has to say that but it is unrealistic, and certainly the political textbooks will tell you the blow to his authority (the controversial calling of the referendum, the rejection of his Brussels deal) would be fatal.The sight of triumphant Brexiteers, fuming at what they see as Cameron’s high-handedness, may force the issue and gather the 50 signatures needed to force a vote of confidence in his leadership.But there are reasons why he might stay, including that the most senior colleagues who want to Leave the EU say they wouldn’t want him to leave Downing Street, not yet anyway, not least because the already feverish financial markets would go into overdrive.And there is a good chance Cameron would want to hold on.Whatever his other motives, he feels a sense of public duty very strongly. Would such a person really want to walk away, leaving the country rudderless and the Tory Party torn and in need of a new leader? The lessons of William Hague’s and Michael Howard’s departures — with which Cameron will be intimately familiar — is that the Tories make the wrong choice if rushed into it (he having been the “right” choice, post-Howard).Some say he might stay but only until this autumn’s party conference, and that is probably the safest bet in the event of a Brexit, but that brings us to another reason he might want to hang on: Boris Johnson. Would he willingly vacate the top job while his likeliest successor was Johnson, who in the final analysis he regards as an irresponsible clown? LONDON — We all know a week is a long time in politics, but Westminster life at the end of this week could look more different than we could possibly imagine.A few months ago Prime Minister David Cameron must have been looking forward to a growing advantage in the polls for a vote to Remain, with his biggest post-poll worry being the need to keep the look of smug vindication off his face as he put together his government of reconciliation.But the belief that British conservatism and deference would obligingly vote for the status quo is looking less and less well founded. Nobody seems to know how reliable the polls are, and the whole thing is far too close for comfort for Cameron. We know he is not going to fight the next election, but I suspect that whatever his plans were for a dignified exit, they are undergoing constant modification. Also On POLITICO David Cameron’s closing argument: Don’t be ‘quitters’ By Tom McTague and Alex Spence Politico Road Trip Thatcher’s ghost lurks over Brexit campaign By Ben Judah The idea was that, with Britain’s place in the EU secured for a generation, at a time of his choosing he would walk off the stage, reminding journalists of his record of winning three referendums and two general elections.A couple of months ago, “Downing Street sources” were talking of Cameron staying put until at least 2018 and possibly 2019. That looked to me like expectation management, allowing Cameron to stay for a year or so, but also enabling him to slip away once he had maximized George Osborne’s chances (and minimized Boris Johnson’s) of succeeding him. It would also advertise that he was leaving when he chose to do so, the first prime minister in a position to make that claim for 40 years.David Cameron campaigns alongside George Osborne — who may step into Cameron’s shoes | Leon Neal/WPA Pool via Getty ImagesBut the biggest spur to his leaving soon, I believe, is his wife Samantha, who has had more than enough of Downing Street’s gilded cage, and that her children have never known a life unencumbered by round-the-clock security. She has pretty much put her own career on hold, and is well placed to make serious money as a fashion designer, but she has had enough of high office, and will know as well as her husband that power eventually sends the most equable of people round the twist.For now, they remain a comparatively normal couple, but that time is finite. So, I reckon, the demands of family life and political vanity meant that he would go as soon as it was clear he wasn’t being chased out by the Right.Would he willingly vacate the top job while his likeliest successor was Johnson, who in the final analysis he regards as an irresponsible clown?Events, however, have intervened. Cameron has said he will stay on as prime minister if the Brexiteers win, to preside over the negotiation of Britain’s deal outside the EU.last_img read more

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A common brain cell shapes the nervous system in unexpected ways

first_imgShare Pinterest Email Share on Twitter LinkedIncenter_img More than half of our brains are made up of glial cells, which wrap around nerve fibers and insulate them–similarly to how the plastic casing of an electric cable insulates the copper wire within–allowing electrical and chemical impulses to travel faster. In the past, neuroscientists considered the glial cell an essential yet passive helper of nerve cells. But scientists in Rockefeller’s Laboratory of Developmental Genetics, headed by Shai Shaham, have accumulated compelling evidence that this cell type plays a much more active and dynamic role in the brain than previously thought.Shaham’s lab now reports in Cell that glial cells can control the shape of specific nerve endings by interacting with them through a previously unknown molecular pathway. “In the nervous system, shape is everything,” he says. “The shape a neuron takes dictates which other neurons it connects to and even the strength of those connections. But we know precious little about how that shape is dictated.”Multilingual cells Share on Facebook In this study, Aakanksha Singhvi, a postdoc in the lab and first author of the report, studied a glial cell that encases the nerve endings of 12 neurons in the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans, including one that responds to temperature–called a thermosensory neuron–and some that respond to odors. The investigators wondered how the glial cell appropriately regulates the requisite shapes of these neurons. They discovered that it uses different molecular mechanisms to control the shape of each neuronal cell type it encloses.“The glial cells are, surprisingly, multilingual,” is how Singhvi puts it. “They can interact with different neurons differently.”She and her colleagues found that the glial cell expresses an ion transporter protein, called KCC-3, specifically on its surface near the thermosensory neuron, but away from other neurons. In this way it affects and maintains the shape of the thermosensory nerve ending only, without affecting the other nerve endings it surrounds.The researchers also found that KCC-3 affects the function of the thermosensory neuron in addition to its shape. Normally, worms can “remember” the temperature at which they were raised–and if adult worms are given a choice, they will seek out similarly tepid spots. But when the scientists engineered worms in which KCC-3 can’t work, they found that these animals don’t migrate to their favorite cultivation temperature.“This idea that glial cells may directly mold neural functions is not new,” says Shaham. “Our findings are direct proof that it actually happens.”The researchers found that the local concentration of ions can influence the shape of nerve endings. They showed that KCC-3 modulates extracellular levels of chloride, which then controls the shape and function of neurons. Then they went further and identified the proteins in the neuron whose activity is controlled by chloride ions, which manipulate the cell’s skeleton and give the nerve ending its shape.It was not previously known that glial cells communicate to neurons through specific ions to regulate their shape, and the researchers speculate that glial cells may in fact be able to use ions to mold the shapes and functions of many types of neurons.Clinical implicationsKCC-3 is expressed in our ears, retinas, and Schwann cells–glial cells present throughout our peripheral nervous system. People who carry mutations in the gene that produces it suffer from sensory neuropathy, a condition that causes tingling, pain, numbness, or weakness in the hands and feet. The protein is also present in glial cells in the central nervous system, and other research has indicated its function may be relevant for conditions associated with defects in the shape of neurons, including Huntington’s disease and epilepsy.The formation and maintenance of nerve ending shapes are important for learning and memory, and perturbation in shape is associated with neuronal disorders including dementia, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease. In another recent study published in Cell Reports, Shaham and Sean Wallace, a postdoc in the lab, showed that glial cells control the shapes of many nerve endings in worms, suggesting that additional shape pathways remain to be discovered.The finding that glial cells can modulate nerve endings by expressing an ionic transporter only where it contacts a particular type of neuron is one that opens up many new avenues for research. If it turns out to be a widely used mechanism by which glial cells selectively affect particular neurons, it could be manipulated for therapeutic purposes.last_img read more

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Fayrouz shines as Sparkle Diamond scratched

first_imgEXPECTATIONS of another smashing performance from United States-bred SPARKLE DIAMOND, unbeaten in his three previous races, were quashed yesterday when the chestnut gelding reared in the gate and was scratched from the Caymanas Anniversary feature event at seven and a half furlongs.Leading trainer Anthony Nunes’ FAYROUZ capitalised on the impressive foreigner’s absence to pounce on long-time leaders SERGEANT RECKLESS and KAPPONE, coming off the home turn, to score an easy two and three quarter-length win ahead of late-closing UNCLE VINNIE.A winner of three races from four starts, including the joint-fastest five and a half-furlong time clocked this season, 1:05.3, SPARKLE DIAMOND is considered to be among the top horses in the country, seeking qualification for November’s US$115,000 Diamond Mile.Despite SPARKLE DIAMOND earning $1.5 million in four starts, new rules for this year’s race only take into consideration purses won in overnight and open allowance races, seven furlongs and longer, grade one events from six furlongs, in addition to win-and-you’re-in events such as the derby, this Saturday’s Gold Cup, the Invitational Mile, Caribbean Sprint, and the Superstakes. TIGHTER RACE Yesterday’s race would have been SPARKLE DIAMOND’s first run among overnight allowance company, putting them in an even tighter race against time to earn enough purse money to qualify for the November 9 event.FAYROUZ, who was pulled out of the event last year to make way for stablemate and eventual runner-up BIGDADDYKOOL, earned $546,000 towards her quest, pushing her earnings to approximately $1 million.Nunes is already guaranteed one starter, Jamaica Derby winner SUPREME SOUL, whereas BIGDADDYKOOL, FAYROUZ, and, possibly, HOUDINI’S MAGIC could land him as many as four qualifiers to take on rival Wayne DaCosta’s powerhouse duo, imported STRANGER DANGER and 2017 winner SHE’S A MANEATER.Meanwhile, last year’s winner, WILL IN CHARGE, has a conditional Diamond Mile wildcard entry, which he has fulfilled, but he has been out of training since injuring himself when getting a bad break in the Viceroy Trophy.Apprentice Kiaman McGregor booted home two winners on the 10-race card ahead of this week’s Gold Cup Friday-Saturday carnival, taking his tally to 29 winners, joining fellow bug rider Tevin Foster, joint sixth in the jockeys’ standings.McGregor’s winners were SWEET DESTINY in the third and FORT KNOX in the eighth, respectively.Leading rider apprentice Christopher Mamdeen made all with 10-1 shot STORM to bring down the curtains after his closest pursuer, batchmate Reyan Lewis, won aboard 3-1 chance FAYROUZ.last_img read more

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Lady Jags pays courtesy call on Minister Garrido-Lowe

first_imgThe Lady Jaguars paid a courtesy call yesterday on Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Valerie Garrido-Lowe, ahead of their CONCACAF Women’s Qualifiers, scheduled for tomorrow at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora.  Minister Garrido-Lowe said, “You have led in the sense that you encouraged others to want to play for Guyana.You’re Guyanese, you’ve done something good. Don’t feel pressured (that you are not Guyanese by birth). I think the young ladies who dream of playing for the national team, will look up to you and will want to follow you.” Present at the meeting were Head Coach Dr. Ivan Joseph, GFF’s Technical Director, Ian Greenwood and Team Manager, Andrea Joseph.  The team also paid a visit to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, where they were given a tour of the facility. Guyanxca will open their campaign tomorrow against Bermuda from 19:00hrs. They will then oppose Suriname on the 25th at the same venue from 19:00hrs, before concluding their group campaign against Barbados on the 27th.last_img read more