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Mad River Food Hub celebrates opening: first small food processing facility serving farms and producers

first_imgCenter for an Agricultural Economy & Vermont Food Venture Center,Vermont’s first small scale food processing facility has officially opened the doors to local farmers and food producers in Central Vermont. Governor Peter Shumlin attended the ribbon cutting at the facility today, Tuesday, January 17th.Livestock and vegetable producers now have another way to add value to their products and tap into the growing local food movement in Vermont. The Mad River Food Hub is the first of its kind fully equipped, licensed vegetable and meat processing facility in New England. Located in Waitsfield, Vermont, it provides farmers and food producers with a wide array of commercial scale meat and vegetable processing equipment, as well as on-site storage and distribution services to local market outlets.The Mad River Food Hub complements what the Vermont Food Venture Center offers in that it is geared to even smaller scale producers and has the only fully licensed, shared meat processing space in the state. Consumer appetite for locally raised meat and homemade sausage is growing rapidly and the Mad River Food Hub is poised to help farmers and chefs to tap into this expanding market.Conceived in 2010 and constructed in 2011, the Mad River Food Hub is the first fully equipped, licensed vegetable and meat processing facility in the State of Vermont (& NE USA). It offers farmers and food producers affordable, daily rental of state licensed meat and vegetable processing rooms, together with on-site storage and distribution services to local market outlets. is external)The design and implementation of the Mad River Food Hub’s services relied extensively on the research, data and analysis from the State’s Farm to Plate Strategic Plan. Funding for this facility was provided by a number of state, federal and foundation funds as well as private investment.‘ This new facility will is the first for-profit food hub and the only facility in the North East USA that combines a state-inspected meat & vegetable facility’ said founder Robin Morris. ‘We also chose to organize as a for-profit business as we felt it provided a more likely longevity for the services offered.’Over 10 local farms and food producers are already using the Mad River Food Hub’s services including: Vermont Bean Crafters, The Vermont Meat Company, Vermont Raw Pet Food, Lawson’s Finest, Gaylord Farm, Kingsbury Market Gardens, Screamin Ridge Farm, Knoll Farm, Tannery Farm & Three Springs Farm.The Mad River Food Hub is the result of many years of discussion and collaboration with the Mad River Valley Localvore Project, Valley Futures Network, Mad River Valley Planning District, Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce, Vermont Land Trust, Farmers, businesses, non-profit organizations and residents. Funding has come from a variety of sources including, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund – Farm to Plate, the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board Farm Viability Program, Vermont Agriculture Innovation Center, Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant and local residents.Waitsfield, VT―January 17th 2012last_img read more

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Statement from Governor Scott on defending net neutrality

first_imgVermont Business Magazine A group of national cable and telecom organizations is expected to file suit against the State of Vermont today regarding a law passed in the previous session and an Executive Order issued by the Governor protecting net neutrality in Vermont.Governor Phil Scott issued the following statement: “Our net neutrality legislation and my Executive Order demonstrate a clear commitment from Vermont’s elected officials, across branches and party lines, to preserving and promoting a free and open internet in Vermont.“I am disappointed to hear national telecom and cable organizations plan to sue us for taking action to protect our citizens and our economy.“While I understand consistent regulation is important to ensuring a vibrant and thriving telecom and cable sector, our obligation as a state government is to our citizens, who I strongly believe have a right to free and open access to information on the internet. In the absence of a national standard to protect that right, states must act.   “I am committed to working with the Attorney General’s Office to stand up for these rights in court.”Attorney General TJ Donovan said in his own statement: “Vermonters expect and deserve a government that will fight to preserve and protect a free and fair internet. And, the State of Vermont has a right to express its values when contracting for goods and services.”My office has made protecting net neutrality a priority. That fight is unfolding in the federal courts through our effort to stop the FCC from overturning net neutrality. “Earlier this year, the State passed an executive order and a law to ensure that entities the State contracts with are equally committed to net neutrality principles. Yesterday, big industry sued the State seeking to interfere with its right to contract with service providers that share Vermont’s values.”The complaint filed yesterday by industry is without merit.  While we hear a lot about free markets and support for the principles of net neutrality, this industry action seeks to infringe on the State’s right to contract with like-minded providers. “Make no mistake: we will continue to stand up for fairness and common sense on the issue of net neutrality. And, we will strongly oppose this unwarranted attempt to interfere with the State’s right of contract and participation in the market.”last_img read more

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Northeast Johnson County morning roundup

first_imgThrillist citied eateries like Tavern in the Village in naming Prairie Village KC’s coolest suburb. Photo via Tavern on Facebook.Thrillest names Prairie Village “coolest suburb” in KC. The website Thrillist has a new piece out examining the “coolest” suburbs in America’s largest metro areas, and it names Prairie Village the coolest suburb in Kansas City. [The coolest suburbs in America’s 35 biggest metro areas — Thrillist]Shawnee Mission parents react to news that school district purchased AR-15s for officers. Shawnee Mission parents had mixed reactions to the news that the school district spent more than $5,000 on semi-automatic rifles for its police officers. [Shawnee Mission parents question school district’s purchase of semi-automatic rifles — Kansas City Star]NEJC parents, elected featured in Washington Post story on Brownback veto override. Mission Hills mom Judith Deedy and Fairway Rep. Melissa Rooker were two of the interviewees in a Washington Post story out this weekend examining the fallout from the Kansas legislature’s override of Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto of a bill that largely repeals the 2012 income tax cuts he signed into law. [Republicans are predicting the beginning of the end of the tea party in Kansas — The Washington Post]last_img read more

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The draft law on amendments to the Law on Hospitality Activity was adopted

first_imgToday, at the session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Proposal of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Catering Activity was adopted. These amendments extend the validity of temporary decisions issued pursuant to the Law on Hospitality, until December 31, 2020.This enables the continuation of activities and the provision of catering services in the household and on the family farm to those who have obtained temporary solutions valid until December 31, 2016, and until that date they are not able to obtain proof of the usability of the building because the legalization procedures have not been completed, as well as the harmonization of the actual ownership relations with the situation in the land books. Within that period, it would be possible to submit new requests for the issuance of interim decisions.According to the currently valid Law on Catering Activity, which regulates the manner and conditions under which legal and natural persons may perform catering activity, the possibility of issuing temporary decisions is prescribed, valid until 31 December 2016 at the latest, with the usability of the building being one of conditions for issuing a decision on performing activities prescribed by the Law on Catering. Namely, the caterer, ie the lessor, must enclose with the request for issuing a decision for the provision of services proof that the building (facility) in which the services will be provided meets the conditions in accordance with a special regulation, without which, according to that regulation, the competent office cannot issue a decision. meeting the conditions for performing the activity.Since it is not certain that the legalization of illegally constructed buildings, as well as the regulation of the state of land registers, will be completed by 31 December 2016, the proposed amendments to the Act extend the validity of interim solutions in order to provide catering services in the household and on the family farm in the facilities for which the procedure of legalization of illegally constructed buildings is being conducted, ie in the facilities for which the actual ownership relations are not harmonized with the situation in the land books, the Ministry of Tourism continues to point out.last_img read more

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Sad leaders often achieve better outcomes than angry leaders

first_imgShare on Facebook Share on Twitter As expected, angry leaders were viewed as having higher levels of different types of position power. This includes being legitimately instated over others, having the right to give or withhold rewards and coercive power to punish others. Followers hence seem to think that leaders displaying anger, in comparison to leaders showing sadness, more strongly stress their legitimate position within the hierarchy of an organization and the control over punishment and reward that is available to them. When it comes to personal power, however, leaders displaying sadness seem to appeal to followers more strongly.“Subordinates form impressions of their leaders when they view their displays of emotion in negative work situations”, says Schwarzmüller, who believes leaders should consciously reflect on the emotions they display.She says that although leaders might benefit from stressing their legitimate power, displays of anger could backfire as they cause subordinates to infer that their “boss” has strong coercive power but weak referent power. Referent power refers to the ability of a leader to influence followers by making them identify and sympathize with him or her, and is a crucial prerequisite for ensuring followers’ loyalty and commitment.Showing sadness comes at a cost too, as it often reduces a leader’s legitimate power. It has its benefits, however, as it decreases leaders’ assumed power to punish – a power base that negatively affects leadership outcomes.“Although angry leaders might be considered more powerful in general, their resulting power seems to rest upon a weak foundation”, says Schwarzmüller. Email Leaders often believe that they should show anger to make subordinates more compliant, thinking they will then be seen as more effective at work or within their organization. They also feel it is bad if they show emotions such as sadness. While it is true that angry leaders are perceived by others to wield more power, followers warm more easily to those showing more vulnerable emotions, says Tanja Schwarzmüller of the Technical University of Munich in Germany.This study, published in Springer’s Journal of Business and Psychology, wants to find out how perceptions about leaders’ power bases might explain why angry leaders are considered to be more powerful than sad leaders, yet still score lower on their leadership report cards.Schwarzmüller and her colleagues conducted three sets of experiments. In the first two, groups of students or working adults assessed videos depicting angry and sad leaders. In the third, an online survey showing relevant photographs was used.center_img Pinterest Share LinkedInlast_img read more

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Emotional support from parents predicts physiological and psychological responses to stress

first_imgLinkedIn Share on Twitter Share Email Pinterestcenter_img Parental responses to offspring’s emotion in childhood influences their ability to deal with stressful situations as young adults, according to a study recently published in Physiology & Behavior.It is thought that our ability to regulate emotions is partly determined by the strategies used by our parents to deal with our emotions in childhood. This is known as emotion socialization. Parents who encourage expression of negative emotions are likely to produce children that feel comfortable communicating their feelings and regulating their emotions. Whereas, preventing children from expressing negative emotions can result in an individual who struggles with emotions and dislikes openly discussing negative emotions.Physiological responses to stress include activation of the autonomic nervous system and the activation of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis that causes a series of events resulting in the release of cortisol. Psychological responses to stress include negative emotions and cognitive effort to overcome the stressor known as, effort mobilization. There appears to be differences in the incidence of stress-related diseases among ethnicities. However, little research has compared the effect of emotion socialization and response to stress in different ethnic groups. Share on Facebook The study conducted by Jinhong Guo, Sylvie Mrug and David Knight (University of Alabama at Birmingham) aimed to investigate the gender and ethnic differences between parental emotion socialization and physiological and psychological responses to stress. 973 young adults took part in the study where they completed a social stress test and were measured for heart rate, blood pressure and salivary cortisol.The results showed that individuals with emotionally supportive parents reported higher levels of effort mobilization, which means that the individual was able to put more effort into overcoming the stressor. Emotionally unsupportive parents resulted in increased negativity during the stress test, this finding was amplified in female and African American participants.The study also found that emotionally unsupportive parents resulted in decreased levels of cortisol in females and African Americans. This is thought to be because repeated exposure to stress in childhood (in this case from harsh parenting) affects the HPA functioning and reduces physiological reactivity to stress over time.Overall, the study highlights the unique way that emotion socialization impacts stress responses in adulthood, as well as the differences between gender and ethnic groups. The results from this study can be used in future research to gain a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms that produce the stress responses. Further understanding of parenting methods will be important for developing interventions that target specific groups of adolescents.last_img read more

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Cyr Reflects On 900th Career Win

first_img Tami Cyr (photo by Jon Blackie) PENSACOLA, Fla. — University of West Florida Head Softball Coach Tami Cyr recorded her 900th career victory last Friday over Lynn University. The Argonauts scored runs each inning until run-ruling Lynn’s team 15-0 in the fifth inning. Cyr has made UWF history as the first coach ever to win 900 career games.2011 is Cyr’s 20th year at UWF and she has been the head softball coach for the last 18. Under her guidance, Cyr has consistently put the Argonauts on the map each year as one of the most dominant teams in the conference. UWF joined the Gulf South Conference and the South Region of NCAA Division II in 1995. Since then, Cyr has led the Argonauts to the GSC tournament every year and has brought three Gulf South Conference championships.Cyr comments on her achievements at UWF, “The one thing that has allowed me to get to this milestone is the fact that during my tenure at UWF my goals and expectations have and always will remain the same. I believe and instill in my teams that each and every time we compete we are going to win.”That mentality has been passed onto the players each year. The passion and love the players already have for the game of softball is heightened to new levels with Coach Cyr’s influence on each and every player that comes through the program.  Cyr gives her teams the same goal every year, “To be the last team standing, to win the last game of the Division II National Championship and to have the distinction of being the best team in the nation.” There is a very long list of achievements Cyr has made in her two decades at UWF, but she has received much more from her teams than titles and records. “The University of West Florida and particularly the softball program have been among the greatest gifts in my life,” said Cyr. “I have been here for going on two decades, and I am so very grateful for having had the honor of being part of such a wonderful institution.”Cyr has been fortunate in having such a supportive administrative staff while coaching at UWF. Former Athletic Director Richard Berg was a huge influence on Cyr’s coaching talent as well as being a role model to her life. Cyr talks about the current administrative staff, “It’s absolutely fantastic with Dave Scott now at the helm. There is an electric current buzzing in the athletic department that is exhilarating.”With a solid athletic department and an outstanding staff on hand, Cyr has been able to achieve great things at UWF. During her 18 years as head coach, Cyr has earned the most victories of any coach in GSC history at 773. She does not view the records and achievements as the biggest impact UWF has had on her life, but instead it is the relationships she has had with the student-athletes that filter through the softball program each year.Cyr reflects upon her relationship with the players, “I have been blessed to coach them during their tenure and then become their friend for life. My life has been enriched by their undying love for the softball program, for the devotion they exhibit, for the sacrifices they so unforgivably accepted and for believing in me enough to be their coach. My expectations, as their coach were very high. I pushed them past their limits in most cases, but then seeing in their eyes, and feeling the contentment in their heart when they achieved what they thought was unattainable is the greatest reward a coach can be blessed with.”The next step for Cyr is not to continue doing what she has been for the past two decades, but to do more. Cyr’s goals and expectation’s for her teams have been proven achievable and successful throughout her career and she does not plan to change anything.“I will always play to win, and I will always put the wellbeing of my players first and foremost,” noted Cyr. “For me to have an influence in their lives, to be the platform for them getting their degree and to prepare them for the real world will continue to be my driving force.” The next game for the Argonauts is at home Saturday afternoon against Valdosta State at 4:00. For all other information on UWF Athletics visit Friendly Version Cyr Reflects On 900th Career Win center_img Sharelast_img read more

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Ariedo Braida CONFIRMS Barcelona want Juventus star Paul Pogba

first_img One of the clubs that wnat Pogba badly is PSG, who are trying to shape their future on signing the Juventus “crack”.  01/05/2015 Along with Carles Rexach, Jordi Mestre and Javier Bordas, he is part of Barcelona’s technical commission.  Braida said that he is dedicated to bringing the best players, who can offer immediate high levels of performance, to Barcelona. Ariedo Braida, Barcelona’s international sporting director, said in an interview with Tuttosport that Paul Pogba “is a player that we like, and a lot”. Braida added that “as well as us, a lot of great European clubs like him”.  Sport ENcenter_img Braida spoke about the midfielder, saying: “Despite his youth, he has shown the quality that he needs to play at the highest level.” He added: “For Barcelona it would be an important signing and very interesting, but our situation is complicated. We cannot sign players until 2016 thanks to the FIFA sanction.” Upd. at 20:21 Asked if Barcelona could sign Pogba to then incorporate him in January 2016, Braida said: “That’s one hypothesis, but everything depends on the will of the directors at Barcelona and equally, what the coach Luis Enrique thinks.” CESTlast_img read more

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Teens charged with armed robbery

first_imgBy Helena Adeloju Two teenagers armed with a hammer and a knife threatened a milk bar worker before making off…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img